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Upsetters, the__/ from: Amarillo,Tx / Active: c.1964-66 / key members: Vern 'Butch' McEntire--keyboard & vocals / other members: Bill Sutton-bass guitar, Gary Swafford-drums, Michael Ballew-guitar & vocals, Gary Thurlow-guitar / This band went to California and toured into Nevada. They later had some releases on the 'White Whale' label as 'The Brothers' / One song was purported to have hit the top twenty in LA, during this time period. / McEntire also had two singles on the 'Liberty' label in c.1965

Velveteens, The:  /from: Lubbock, Tx...  /key member: Willie Redden - guitar/vocals..  /other members: Mike Atcheson - lead guitar, Guy Hart - bass, Daryl Butcher - drums, Tim Atcheson -saxophone..  /later members: Skip Upton, Doug Walding, David Wright, Dan Atcheson - drums..  /optional name: The Traveling Salesmen..  /recorded where: Pams Studio, Dallas, Tx...  /possible recording date: c.1960..  /single release date: c.1960..  /label: Golden Artist..  /song titles: Ching Bam Bah / I Feel Sorry For You Baby..  /note: Doug Walding also wrote at least one song of note.

Gary Swafford, Bill Sutton, Gary Thurlow, & Micheal Ballew - July 1966

Velvets, The:  /from: Odessa, Tx...  /key member: Virgil Johnson - lead vocalist..  /other members: Robert Thursby - tenor, Clarence Rigsby - tenor, William Solomon - baritone, Mark Prince - bass..  /recorded where: Nashville, Tn...  /possible recording date: c.1961..  /single release date: c.1961..  /song title: Tonight (Could Be The Night)..  /note: This doo-wop group had a top forty hit in 1961 with the preceding song.


Viscounts, The:  /from: Amarillo and Lubbock Tx. and Canyon, Tx...  /key member: Derl Moon - trumpet..  / other members: Charlie Knight - bass, Danny Darling - drums..  /active: c.1966-68..  /played where: Friday’s Lounge, Amarillo, Tx. c.1968, Capri Lounge, Lubbock, Tx. c.1969... /note: This soul group had horns and were active in the Panhandle and South Plains of Texas with seven to eight members. Several of the original members had come to Texas from Minnesota.

The Viscounts
All That Music & Video


6800 Gateway East, Ste. 1B

El Paso, Texas 79915

(915) 594-9900


Wailing Wall, The:  /from: El Paso, Tx...  /members: Mike Cancellare - lead guitar, Doug Adamz - bass/vocals, Darrell Adams - rhythm guitar, David Rutledge - drums

Walker, Billy:  /born: Ralls, Tx...  /resident of West Texas, New Mexico, and Tennessee..  /skill: singer, songwriter, and recording artist..  /most important active period: c.1955-65..  / accomplishments: played on the Grand Ol’ Opry and Dig D Jamboree..  /songs of note: Heart Be Careful / Make Believe..  /awards: Walker charted several Top 20 country songs during his career.


Walser, Don:  /from: Lamesa, Tx...  /key member: Don Walser -guitar/vocals..  /optional name: Texas Plainsmen..  / recorded where: Big Spring, Tx...  /possible recording date: c.1965..  /single release date: c.1965 and c.1975..  /labels: Plainsman, Makko, and Roro Records..  /song titles: Rollin’ Stone From Texas (Plainsman and Roro) / Den Of Lonliness (Roro) / You (Makko).

Watts, Lloyd:  /from: Plainview, Tx...  /key member: Lloyd Watts - guitar/vocals..  /optional name: Lloyd Love..  /recorded where: Broadway Productions, Lubbock, Tx...  /possible recording date: c.1975..  /single release date: c.1975..  /label: Uptown Downtown Country..  /song titles: You’ll Never Lose Someone / Fellin’ So Blue..  / Watts also recorded an album in Nashville, Tn. c.1976..  /label: Adonda..  /song titles: Leaving Caroline / My Love Keeps Reaching For You..  /note: Joe Bob Barnhill co-wrote “Leaving Caroline”. The album charted in Reno, Nv...  /Refer to ‘Torquays’ in this index.

Lloyd Watts

Wayland Seals And The Oil Patch Boys:  /from: Cisco, Tx. and McCamey, Tx...  /key member: Wayland Seals..  / recorded where: Abilene, Tx...  /possible recording date: c.1955-60..  /single release date: same..  /label: Winston..  / note:Wayland Seals had two sons, “Jimmy and Dan”, who became famous recording artist as “Seals And Croft” and as “England Dan And John Ford Coly.”

Wayne, Terry:  /from: Midland, Tx...  /key member: Terry Wayne - vocals..  /recorded where: Clovis, N. M...  /possible recording date: c.1958-59..  /single release date: c.1958-59..  /labels: Trend Records and Columbia..  /song titles: School Is Out / Dream Angel..  /2nd release song titles: Go Steady With Me / You’ll Cry

Webb, Don:  /from Lubbock, Tx...  /key member: Don Webb - piano/vocals..  /recorded where: Cloves, N. M...  /passible recording date: c.1959..  /single release date: c.1959.. /label: Brunswick..  /song titles: Little Ditty Baby / I’ll Be Back Home.

Welborn, Larry:  /from: Lubbock, Tx...  /key member: Larry Welborn - guitar/bass/vocals..  /optional name: Four Teens..  /recorded where: Big Spring, Tx...  /possible recording date: c.1958-62..  /CD release: c.1991..  /label: Roller Coaster (England)..  /CD title: Hep Cats From Big Spring..  /song title: Guitar Hop..  /refer to ‘Four Teens’ and ‘Nicholas, Don’ in this index.

Wells, Mike:  /from: Plainview, Tx...  /key member: Mike Wells - guitar/vocals..  /recorded where: Nashville, Tn...  /possible recording date: c.1974-76..  /single release date: c.1974-76..  /label: Playboy Records..  /song titles: Sing Me A love Song Porter Wagner / Detour..  /2nd release song titles: The Lady And The Tramp / Wild World..  /note: Wells had an earlier recording session in Lubbock, Tx. c.1972. The non issued song titles were “Party Dolls & Wine” and Welcome To My World.

West, Sonny:  /from Lubbock, Tx. area..  /key member: Sonny West - guitars/vocals..  /other members: Buddy Smith - lead guitar, Jimmy Metze - acoustic bass, Doc McKay - drums..  /optional name: Sonee West..  /recorded where: Clovis, N. M...  /possible recording date: c.1956..  /single release date: c.1956..  /label: Nor-Va-Jak..  /song titles: Rockola Ruby / Sweet Rockin’ Baby..  /2nd release label: Atlantic..  /song title: Rave On..  /note West co-wrote at least rwo of Buddy Holly’s big hits, “Rave On” and “Oh Boy”.

sonny West

Western Swing Kings:  /from: Lubbock, Tx...  /key members: Sonny Maines and James Maines..  /other members: Curley Lawler, Frank Carter, Gerald Braddock, and Fernie Reed..  /optional name: Maines Brothers & The Western Swing Kings..  /active: c.1950-67..  /played where: Cotton Club, Lubbock, Tx...  /refer to ‘Maines Brothers Band’ in this index.

Westwind:  /from: El Paso, Tx...  /members: John Anderson - guitar, David Miller - keyboard, Paul Quattlebaum - bass, Ron Miller - bass

Westwinds, The:  /from: Canyon, Tx...  /key members; Ronnie Hester - guitar/vocals and Robin Brown - lead guitar..  /other members: John Holcombe - bass, Gene Hefner - drums..  /later members: Johnny Knox - drums and Robert Ashcraft -bass..  /active: c.1964-65..  /note: A dance band composed of college students. Played fraternity and sorority parties and High School Proms around the Panhandle and South Plains area..  /refer to ‘Brown, Robin’, ‘Gemini Five’ and ‘Hester, Ron in this index.

John Holcombe, Robin Brown- McCaslin Party

Wheat:  /from: El Paso, Tx...  /members: Charlie Thomas - guitar, Gary Bently - guitar, Jim Kmetzch - bass, Mike Fones - drums

Whirlwinds, The:  /from: Borger, Tx. area..  /members: Bill Dees, Bill Baker, E. Richmond, Melvin Webb, Gerald Hanners, H. F. Richie..  /optional name: The Five Bops..  /recorded where: Clovis, N. M...  /possible recording date: c.1960..  /single release date: c.1960..  /label: Guyden..  /song titles: Angel Love / The Mountain..  /note: Bill Dees later teamed with Roy Orbinson and they wrote several hits together.


Wilborn Twins, The:  /from: Big Spring, Tx...  /key member: Merle Wilborn - singer/songwriter..  /optional name: The Gospel Strings..  /music style: Bluegrass/Gospel..  /recorded where: Odessa, Tx...  /possible recording date: c.1965..  / single release date: c.1965..  /label: AOK..  song titles: Treasures Don’t Make Clouds / I Wonder If Dads Waiting There.

Wild Ones, The:  /from: El Paso, Tx...  /members: Jay Nye - guitar/vocals, Frank Sotelo - guitar/vocals, Paul West - bass/vocals, Roy Moore - drums..  /note: All members were from Austin High School in El Paso, Tx.

Wilson, Hershel & The Singing Disciples:  /from: Lubbock, Tx. area..  /key member: Hershel Wilson - vocals..  /other members: a children’s choir..  /recorded where: Caldwell Studio, Lubbock, Tx...  /possible recording date: c.1976..  / album release date: c.1976..  /label: Love Records..  /album title: Hershel Wilson & the Singing Disciples: Ain’t God Good

Wilson, Peanuts:  /from: Odessa, Tx...  /key member: Johnny “Peanuts” Wilson - vocals..  /optional name: Johnny Wilson..  /recorde where: Clovis, N. M...  /possible recording date: c.1957..  /single release date: c.1957..  /label: Brunswick..  /song title: Cast Iron Arm..  /note: This novelty song is now considered a rockabilly classic in all the British rock clubs according to one source..  /refer to ‘Teen Kings’ in this index.

Windy Wood & The New Sons Of The West:  /from: Amarillo, Tx. area..  /key member: Windy Wood -singer..  /other members: Jack Sutton - piano, Orville Junior Keith - guitar, Frankie McWhorter - fiddle, Jimmy Young - fiddle, Tiny Duncan - piano..  /optional name Sons Of the West..  /recorded where: Stull Studio, Amarillo, Tx...  /possible recording date: c.1978-81..  /album release: c.1981..  /label: Rimstone..  /album title: The Bob Wills Connection..  /refer to ‘Plainsmen’ and ‘Sons Of The West’ in this index.  

Wink Westerners:  /from: Wink. Tx...  /key member: Roy Orbison - guitar/vocals..  /other members: James Marrow - Mandolin, Billy Pat Ellis - drums, Charles Evans - standup bass, Richard West - piano..  /refer to ‘Teen Kings’ in this index.


Wry Catchers, The:  /from: Coleman, Tx...  /recorded where: possible recording date: c.1966..  /single release date: c.1966..  /label: AOK..  /song titles: When I Met You / Collision Course.

Wynne, Jim:  /from San Angelo, Tx...  /key member: Jim Wynne..  /optional name: Jim Wynne And Mirror..  /possible recording date: c.1969..  /single release date: c.1969..  /label: Triad..  /song titles: I Feel For You / Her ‘No’ Knows Better.

Young Americans, The:  /from: Monahans, Texas..  /key member: Dan Dunagan - vocals/lead guitar..  /other members: Mike Dunagan - vocals/rhythm guitar, Bruce Madison - bass/vocals, David Lewis - drums/vocals..  /later members: Mike Calhoun replaced David Lewis on drums..  /note: This group played all over West Texas, Monahans, Crane, McCamey, Fort Stockton, Alpine, Kermit, Odessa, and so on. They never did any recording.


Dan Dunagan

Zamora, Eddie:  /from: San Benito, Tx...  /key member: Eddie Zamora - singer..  /other member: Robin Brown - guitar/ bass..  /recorded where: Plainview, Tx...  /recording date: c.1982..  /single release date: c.1982..  /label: Voice de Mexico..  /one song title: Amora es Tu..  /note: A limited edition single was pressed..  /refer to ‘Brown, Robin’ and ‘Gimini Five’ in this index.

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