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Sacred Mushroom, The:  /from: El Paso, Tx...  /members: Blain Taylor - lead guitar/vocals, Dan Parsons - rhythm guitar/vocals, Donna Pence - keyboard/vocals, Kenneth Reynolds - bass, Rick Kern - drums/vocals (Don Mehl - drums after Rick Kern)

Sammy Cooper & The Emeralds:  /from: Amarillo, Tx...  /key member: Sammy Cooper - guitar/vocals..  /optional name: Sammy And The Emeralds..  /possible recording date: c.1962-64..  /single release date: c./1964..  song title: Miss Tiny Tears.

Sammy Lara & The Skytones:  /from: San Angelo, Tx...  /key member: Sammy Lara - vocals..  /other members: Ben Hall and wife..  /optional name: The Skytones..  /recorded where: Big Spring, Tx...  /possible recording date: c.1958..  /single release date: c.1958..  /label: Gaylo..  /song titles: Mister Moon / Silly Sally..  /note: This appeares to be the debut release on Ben Hall’s new Big Spring label, Gaylo. Some of Lara’s later releases were reviewed on American Bandstand and he was inducted into the West Texas Music Hall Of Fame before he died.

Sandmen, The:  /from: Plainview, Tx...  /members: Carrol Welch - guitar, Cecil White - lead guitar, and David Perry - guitar..  /active: c.1965..  /note: This group was probably influenced by the String-A-Longs and other instrumental groups around Plainview at the time..  /refer to ‘Rhodes, Tex’ in this index.

TheSandmen-c1965-Plainview,Tx.CarolWelch,CecilWhite DavidPerry

Scottie & The Rhythm Wranglers:  /from: Lubbock, Tx. area..  /key member: Scottie - guitar/vocals..  /other members: Earl Montgomery - guitar, Sammy Hodge - steel guitar, David Dodge - bass..  /active: c.1950..  /played where: KSEL Western Jamboree, Lubbock, Tx. c.1950.

Seals, Dan, Jimmy, and Wayland:  /refer to ‘Wayland Seals And The Oil Patch Boys’ in this index.

Self, Jimmy Dean:  /from: Childress, Tx. and Amarillo, Tx...  /key member: Jimmy Self - drums/vocals..  /other members: Norman Petty trio..  /optional name: Jimmy Coin Self..  /recorded where: Clovis, N. M...  /recording era: October, 1954-60..  /label: Nor-Va-Jak..  /song titles: Blue Christmas / An Old Christmas Card..  /2nd label: Coral..  /song titles: Oh Babe / You’re There..  /note: The Blue Christmas session on October 12th, 1954 is stated to be the first commercial session at the Norman Petty studio. Until then all recordings were done by and for Norman Petty Trio exclusively.

All That Music & Video


6800 Gateway East, Ste. 1B

El Paso, Texas 79915

(915) 594-9900


Senders, The:  /from: Turkey, Tx...  /members: Ricky Mosely - lead guitar, Rod Setliff - guitar/vocals, Russell Barnhill - bass, Rod Adamson - drums..  /later member: Doyle Lee Williams - keyboard..  /active: c.1967..  /recorded where: Cotton John TV Show, Amarillo, Tx. c.1967-68..  /This High School rock group played both instrumentals and vocals at dances and proms around the area and were popular. In c.1967-68 this group won the FFA contest at Tascosa High School and were invited to play on the Cotton John Show. The only known existing recordings are 15 songs at a live performance on a two track reel to reel with the vocals being very low, and two instrumentals recorded at a private session. Instrumental Titles: ‘Lucile’ and ‘Walk Don’t Run.


Sensations, The:  /from: Midland, Tx...  /optional names: The Sensation Sound and The Fabulous Sensations..  /members: John Payne..  /guitar/harmonica/vocals, Bill Thomas - bass, Byron “Bo” Barber - drums, Dennis “Wemus” Grubb - guitar/vocals..  /label: Kingco


7th Street Exit:  /from Lubbock, Tx...  /members: Richard Mills - vocals/percussion/harmonica, Randy Phelps - lead guitar, Wendell Holder - rhythm guitar, Robert Williams - bass guitar, Joe Alplanalp - drums..  /manager: “Wild Bill” Wallace..  /note: while in high school played private parties and dances at Maxey Community Center. Played week-night gigs at The Embassy Club, in the basement of the Pioneer Hotel and The Lamplighter Club on Amarillo highway. Promoted their own gigs in area towns such as Big Spring, Slaton, Post Levelland, Seminole and Snyder among others..  /recordings: cover of “Hey Joe” in small studio in O’Donnell Tx. c.1967..  /active 1967 through 1968.

Seymour, Patti:  /from Amarillo, Tx...  /key member: Patti Seymour - vocals..  /single release date: c.1966..  /label: Sully..  /song title: The Silencers..  /note: This song appears to have been produced by Ray Ruff and Checkmate Productions. This song was taken from the movie “The Silencers”, but this version was not used in the movie, it has been stated. Seymour may have teamed with Playboy recording artist Mike Wells in later years, playing around Amarillo, Tx. and Tucumcari, N. M...  /refer to ‘Well, Mike’ in this index.

Patti Seymour-1966

Shades, The:  /from: Midland/Odessa, Tx...  /key member: Al Perkins - lead guitar/vocals..  /other members: Bob Bailey - guitar/vocals, Don Butler - drums, Robert Ascraft - bass..  /optional name: Shayde..  /recorded where: Odessa, Tx...  / possible recording date: c.1967..  /single release date c.1967..  /label: AOK..  /song titles: The Hip / Gingerbread Man..  / note: A version of this band appears to have played and recorded in Houston, Tx. also..  /refer to ‘Mystics’ in this index.

Sharps, The:  /from: Lubbock, Tx...  /members: Richard Ferrier - guitar, Don Baggett - guitar, Rowen “Skip” Upton- Upright bass or drums..  /active: c.1960


Silvia Marie:  /from: Lubbock, Tx. area..  /key member: Marie Syliva - singer..  /possible recording date: c.1967..  /single release date: c.1967..  /label: Banner..  /song title: Afraid Of The Dark

Sinks, Earl:  /from: Hockley county, Tx...  /key member: Earl Sinks - singer..  /optional name: Earl Richards and Sinx Mitchell..  /recorded where: Clovis, N. M...  /possible recording date: c.1958..  single release date: c1958..  /label: Dot..  / song titles: Whatcha Gonna Do / I Am A Man..  /2nd release: My Suzanne / Believe A Traveler..  /note: Sinks had recorded on several major labels under the various names listed above. He also once recorded as lead singer with The Crickets, after Holly had died.

Earl Sinks

Sixth Column, The:  /from: El Paso, Tx...  /members: Bobby Wilson, Marc Francis, Mike Norman, Les Lockhart, Fred Kienle..  /active: c.1970

Sixth Column, The:  / from: Plainview, Tx...  /active: c.1967-1968..  /key member: Wallace Shackelford - vocals & tambourine..  /other members: Gary Rude - lead guitar, Jim Bob Curtis - bass, Lonnie Dale Brown - drums, C. E. Stanaland - organ..  /recorded where: Plainview, Tx on Live recordings..  /A private CD was compiled in c.2000, and was made from live recordings..  /note: Aside from playing in Plainview, this teenage band also played jobs in Dalhart & Tulia, Tx.

sixth column dalhart, tx 1967 001[1]-2

Slattery, Jack:  /from: Midland/Odessa, Tx. area..  /recorded where: Odessa, Tx...  /possible recording date: c.1960-65..  /single release date: same..  /label: E-M-C-O..  /song titles: Let’s Make A New Start / Coonieanna Cajun.

Smalley, Judi:  /from: Abilene, Tx. area..  /key member: Judi Smalley - singer..  /recorded where: Castle Sound, Abilene, Tx...  /possible recording date: c.1981-82..  /single release date: c.1982..  label: Diamond Records..  /song titles: I Saw You And Wanted You / Singing Me A Love Song.

Smitty Trio, The:  /from: Amarillo, Tx...  /key member: Bill “Smitty” Smith - organ/vocals..  /other members: Larry Marcum - guitar, Bobby Hacker - drums..  /active: c.1965..  /note: Smitty played regularly at the Embers Steak House in Amarillo, Tx.

Solley, Jim:  /refer to ‘Lu-Bocs’ in this index.


Sons Of The West (1st generation):  /from: Amarillo, Tx...  / members:  Son Lansford - bass, Joe Meeks -bass/vocals, Billy Briggs - steel guitar, Loren Mitchell - piano, Pat Trotter - fiddle, Cliff Wells - banjo, Jess Robertson - banjo, Freddie Dean - guitar, Buck Buchanan - fiddle, and Leonard Seago - fiddle..  /active: c.1936-41..  /possible recording dare: c.1938-41..  /album release date: c.1968..  / label: Decca..  /single release date: c.1941..  /label: Columbia..  /song title: Sally’s Got A Wooden Leg.

Sons Of The West-Amarillo

Sons Of The West (2nd generation):  /from: Amarillo, Tx...  /key member: Billy Briggs - steel guitar/vocals..  /other members: Weldon Allard - bass, Windy Wood, Pat Trotter - fiddle, Jesse Williams - guitar, J. R. Chatwell - fiddle..  /optional name: The XIT Boys..  /active c.1945-60s..  /note: Keith Lloyd was fronting the Sons Of The Golden West band in Amarillo, Tx. c.1950..  /refer to ‘Briggs, Billy & XIT Boys’ in this index.

Sons Of The West (3rd Generation):  /from: Amarillo, Tx.  /key member: Windy Wood - musician/vocals..  /other members: Weldon Allard - bass, Jack Sutton - piano, Jimmy Young - fiddle, Frankie McWhorter - fiddle, and Junior Keith - guitar..  /recorded where: Stull Studio, Amarillo, Tx...  /possible recording date: c.1978-81..  /album release date: c.1981..  /label: Rimstone..  /album title: The Bob Wills Conection: Sons Of The West..  /refer to ‘Windy Wood & The New Sons Of The West in this index.

Soul-Lutions, The:  /from: Levelland, Tx. and Lubbock, Tx...  /recorded on: Dust Bowl label..  /note: A fine 6-7 piece soul band that played several night clubs in Lubbock, Tx. They may have traveled to Austin, Tx and/or Las Vegas, Nv. to play also.

Soul Seekers, The:  /from: Canyon, Tx...  /key member: Ronnie Hester - guitar/vocals..  /other members: Bill Waldrop - guitar, Bill Coleman - bass, Pat - keyboards, James - drums..  /active: c.1966..  /refer to ‘Gemini Five’ and ‘Hester, Ron’ in this index.

The Soul Seekers - 1967 (Silverton Sweetheart Banquet)

Soundrifters, The:  /from: Turkey, Tx...  /members: H. A. “Sonny” Mullin - lead guitar/ vocals/trumpet, Rod Mullin - guitar, Billy Joe Mullin - bass, Gary Johnson - drums..  / occasional members: James Lipscomb - drums and Rod Adamson - drums..  / active: c.1962-80s..  /note: This band played almost every week-end in Plainview, Tx. at either The Cowboy Club or The VFW Hall. They were mostly a country swing band. 

Sonny Mullin, Gary Johnson, B. J. Mullin, & Rod Mullin

Sourdough Singers:  /from: Matador, Tx...  /members: Richard Campbell, Gary Campbell, Patsy Hankins, Nancy Traweek, Judy Gwinn, Larry Keltz, Janie Killingsworth, Jim Adams, and Kathy Kilgore..  /recorded where: Clovis, N. M...  /recording date: August, 1965..  /single release date: c.1965..  /label: SteSo..  /other labels: Swan c.1967 and Roller Coaster c.2006..  /song titles: Lonely Nightingale / Syrup Sloppin’ Shindig..  /note: these two songs were reissued on Roller Coaster label c.2006..  /refer to ‘Campbell, Gary’ and ‘Campbell, Richard’ in this index.   

The Sourdough Singers-Matador, Tx.

Southern Cross:  /from: Lubbock, Tx...  /members: Mike Pritchard - guitar/vocals, Tim Mast - saxaphone, Billy Humphreys - musician, Jesse Taylor - guitar..  /active: c.1977.

Souther, John David:  /refer to ‘Cinders’ in this index.


Southernairs, The:  /from: Odessa, Tx...  /key member: Tommy Allsup - guitar/vocals..  /other members: Tom Camfield - fiddle, Bob Wahlen - drums - Buddy Beasley - fiddle, Pete Waller - bass, Chuck Caldwell - steel guitar, Louise Rowe - bass - vocals..  /active: c.1960s..  /note: Tommy Allsup also operated Westex Studio and Publishing Company in Odessa, Tx. during this period. He and his partner Gorman Maxwell also had the active AOK label there.

Tommy Allsup

Sparkles, The:  /from: Leveland, Tx. and Seagraves, Tx. areas..  /key member: Harold “Lucky” Floyd -drums/vocals..  /other members: Stan Smith - lead guitar, Bobby Smith - bass, Don Roberts - guitar...  /later

50s_the original sparkles

members: Gary Nunn - keyboard, Louie Holt - guitar, Jimmy Marriott - drums..  /possible recording dates: 1960-1968 era..  /recorded where: Clovis, N. M., Odessa, Tx. and Nashville, Tn...  /single release dates: 1960-1967 era..  /labels: Caron and Hickory..  /some song titles: The U. T. /The Hip / No Friend Of Mine / First Forget What Has Made You Blue / Hipsville 29 BC / I Want To Be Free..  /note: Several members of “The Sparkles” later played with Jerry Jeff Walker band and some recorded under the name “Red, Wilder, Ballew”.


Spartans, The:  /from: Amarillo, Tx...  /key member: Jimmy Gilmer - guitar/vocals..  /other members: Earl Whitt - lead guitar, Gary Swafford - drums, Steve Dodge - bass..  /recorded where: Clovis, N. M...  /possible recording date: c.1959..  /song titles: Look Alive / Codine.

Starlites, The:  /from: Turkey, Tx...  /members: Mike Mullin - lead guitar, Dan Davis - drums, Neil Guest - guitar/vocals, Dennis Irby - bass..  /active: c.1966-68..  /note: This group was made up of four junior high

school friends and played at parties and school events. Playing such standards as Wipe Out, Secret Agent Man, Gloria, and other popular songs of the time.

Stegall, Red:  /refer to ‘Russell Don & The Premiers’ in this index.

Mike Mullin, Dan Davis, & Neil Guest - Party At Guest's House
THE STARLITES M. Mullin, D. Davis, N. Guest, D. Irby

Stewart, Red:  /from: Odessa, Tx...  /members: Red Stewart and Betty Stewart..  /optional name: Red & Betty Stewart Duo..  /possible recording date: c.1960..  single release date: c.1960..  /label: Bo-Kay..  /song titles: Loves Gonna Live Here / Baby, Baby All Nite Long..  /note: Stewart was also an award winning writer.

Sticks, The:  /from Lubbock, Tx...  /members: Richard Mills - vocals/percussion/harmonica, Lanny Fiel - lead guitar/vocals, Rick Fiel - rhythm guitar/vocals, Gregg Wright - bass guitar, and Richard Bird - drums/vocals..  /note: A fierce little high school garage band from Lubbock. Played mostly private parties and Maxey Community Center dances. Rick and Lanny Fiel went on to play with Jimmy Buffet for a couple of years. Gregg Wright played bass for Joey Ely’s first c.1970 band..  /active: 1966 to 1967.

Stone Sisters:  /from: Lubbock, Tx...  /possible recording date: c.1960..  /single release date: c.1960..  /label: Top Records..  /song titles: Between Ten And Seventeen / Te Amo Hawaii Te Amo.

Strings Of Fortune, The:  /from: Plainview, Tx...  /members: Keith McCormack - guitar/ vocals, Terry McCormack, John Torres, Jake Torres, Junior Gibbs.

Stull, Billy:  /refer to ‘Black Water Draw’ and ‘Cords’ in this index.

Sunshine Trio, The:  /from: Lubbock, Tx...  /key member: Harold Box..  /active: c.1950s

Strings Of Fortune-Plainview, Tx.

Swafford, Gary Lee:  /from: Amarillo, Tx...  /key member: Gary Swafford - drums..  /other members: studio musicians..  /recorded where: Clovis, N. M. and Amarillo, Tx...  /possible recording date: c.1958-70..  /single release date: c.1962..  / label: Celestial-Deville..  /song title: Drum Riot..  /note: Drum Riot was reissued on Ace label c.2007.. refer to ‘Fayros’, ‘Jon Sisco And The Electras’ and ‘Spartans’ in this index.

Gary Swafford

Sweet Briar:  /from: Midland, Tx...  /members: Bob Bailey - guitar, Randy Ray - bass, Allan Eidson -drums..  /recorded where: Odessa, Tx...  /label: Heaven..  /song titles: We Can Work It Out / Slow Down.

Swift Rain:  /from: El Paso, Tx...  /members: Mike Cicarelli - lead guitar/vocals, Frankie Sotelo - guitar/vocals, Paul West - bass/vocals, Andre Bonaguidi - drums/vocals

Swing Kings, The:  /from: Matador, Tx...  /key member: Robin Brown -guitar/saxophone..  /other members: David Rattan - guitar, Robert Brandon - drums, Jack McCallie - coronet, Larry Keltz - piano..  /part time: Judy Hobbs - piano, Max Barton - drums..  /active: c.1958-61..  /optional name: The Three Notes..  /recorded where: KLBK television, Lubbock, Tx...  /possible recording date: c.1959..  /refer to ‘Brown, Robin’ and ‘Max & Robin’ in this index.

00 014

Sylvia, Marie:  /refer to Silvia, Marie in this index.

Tarantulas, The:  /from: Turkey, Tx...  /members: Rod Setliff - guitar, Mike Mullin, guitar, and Ray Mullin - drums..  /note: This group was put together and played a talent contest in Memphis, Tx. around c.1965 or 1966. They received honorable mention after playing an instrumental “500 Miles”.

Ray Mullin 3 005

Teen Kings, The:  /from: Odessa, Tx. and Wink, Tx...  /key member: Roy Orbison - lead guitar/ vocals..  /other members: Johnny Wilson - guitar, Jack Kennelly - guitar, Billy P. Ellis - drums, James Morrow - mandolin..  /optional name: Wink Westerners..  /recorded where: Clovis, N. M...  /possible recording date: c.1955..  /single release date: c.1955..  /label: Je-Wel..  /song titles: Ooby Dooby / Trying To Get To You..  /refer to ‘Wink Westerners’ in this index.

BillyParEllis,RoyOrbison,JamesMarrow,JackWilson,JackKennelly,Teen Kings

Texas Plainsmen, The:  /from: Lamesa, Tx...  /key member: Don Walser - guitar/vocalist..  /recorded where: Big Spring, Tx...  /possible recording date: before 1970..  /label: Plainsman..  /song titles: Rolling Stone From Texas / Steel Guitar Waltz..  /note: This record appears to be Walser’s first release of his regional classic “Rolling Stone From Texas.

The Texas Plainsmen

Texas Troupers, The:  /from: Lubbock, Tx. area..  /key member: Benard Hicks - fiddle/vocals..  /other members: Cater Casey - guitar, Paul Riegar - banjo, Arvie Kennedy - guitar, Claude Mongel - upright bass/fiddle..  /played where: KSEL Western Jamboree, Lubbock, Tx. c.1950.

Texxas:  /from: El Paso, Tx...  /members: Doug Wohlking - guitar, Mark Arnold - guitar/peddle steel, Steve Arnold - rhythm guitar, Tony Lopez - bass, Jack Starkey - drums

Thorntons, The:  /from: Plainview, Tx...  /key members: Amy Thornton - vocals, Travis Thornton - vocals..  /other members: Keith Longbotham - guitar/vocals..  /optional name: The Thortons..  /recorded where: Nashville, Tn...  / possible recording date: c.1975..  /single release date: c.1975..  /label: Norm..  /somg titles: Do I Love You / Trinket To Hang On Your Mind.

Tiaras, The:  /from: Amarillo, Tx...  /key member: Jack Dallas (Carter) - guitar/vocals..  / other members: Earl Whitt - lead guitar, Gail Adams - bass, Delwin Steele - drums..  / optional name: Jackie Dallas And The Tiaras..  /possible recording date: c.1963..  /single release date: c.1964..  /label: Alliance..  /song titles: Mexican Rock / Bull Moose..  /note: The instrumental “Mexican Rock” was reissued on a CD “That’s Swift” Rare Instrumentals From The Vaults Of Norman Petty c.2007


Tinker Carlen And The Cats:  /from: Lubbock, Tx...  /key member: Hugh “Tinker” Carlen - guitar/vocals..  /active: c.1957..  /note: Carlen in recent years claimed an association with Buddy Holly, but some of his claims are considered dubious. Carlen did write a song titled “Lookin’ For The Hidy Ho” that Larry Holly is said to have produced. Carlen is pictured onstage with Buddy Holly in at least one photograph however.

Tiny Colbert & His Band:  /from: Odessa, Tx. and Lamesa, Tx. area..  /key member: Tiny Colbert - musician/vocals..  / other members: Durwood Haddock - fiddle/guitar, Eddie Miller - musician, Larry Eudy - drums..  /refer to ‘Haddock, Durwood’ and ‘Miller, Eddie & His Oklahomans’ in this index.

Tiny Lynn And His Band:  /from: Clovis, N. M. and Lubbock, Tx...  /key member: Tiny Lynn - guitar/ vocals..  /other members: Eva Lynn - piano, Coy Lynn - bass, Odie James - drums, Odis James - fiddle..  /active: c.1970-2000s..  /played where: Lubbock, Tx, and Clovis, N. M...  /recorded where: Clovis, N. M.

Tollett, Gary:  /from: Lubbock, Tx. area..  /key members: Gary Tollett - vocals and Ramona Tollett - backup vocals..  / optional name: The Tolletts..  /recorded where: KDAV radio, Lubbock, Tx...  /possible recording date: c.1957..  /78 rpm release date: c.1958..  /label KDAV radio (repro)..  /song titles: Go Boy Go / Gone.

Tommy Elliott & The Line Riders:  /from: Amarillo, Tx. and Dalhart, Tx. area..  /key member: Tommy Elliot - singer..  / optional name: The Line Riders..  /possible recording date: c.1950..  /78 rpm release date: c.1950..  /label: Time records..  /song titles: Dog Bit Me / Sold Out Doc..  /note: Sold Out Doc was reissued on a CD titled “Texas Dance Hall Music.” c.2000. 

Tommy Hancock & The Roadside Playboys:  /from: Lubbock, Tx...  /key member: Tommy Hancock - fiddle/vocals..  / other members: Louis Martinez guitar, Guy “Tex” Brooks - drums, Homer Logan - fiddle, Bob Shuffelbean - steel guitar, Wally Moyers, Sr. - steel guitar, Charlene Condray - vocals..  /note: This band was originally fronted by Squeaky Rhodes..  /played Where: Bamboo Club (Glassarama), Lubbock, Tx...  /refer to ‘Condray, Charlene’ in this index.

Tony Ford, Jr. & His Jive Five:  /from Lubbock, Tx...  /key member: Tony Ford, Jr. - musician/vocalist..  /active c.1955..  /played where: Hi Hat Club, Lubbock, Tx.

Torqetts, The:  /from: El Paso, Tx...  /members: Ken Schorley, Dave Dorian, George Gerbrick, Chuck Davis, Fred Kienle..  /active: c.1970

Torquays, The:  /from: Plainview, Tx...  /key member: Dennis Watts - lead guitar..  /other members: Lloyd Watts - guitar/vocals, Don Ramsey - keyboard, Terry Warren - guitar, Lonnie Dale Brown - drums..  /optional name: Jeckle & The Hydes..  /active: c.1965..  /refer to ‘Watts, Lloyd’ in this index.

Dr. Jeckyll and The Hydes- 1967 (Silverton Jr Sr Prom)

Dr. Jeckle & The Hydes

Silverton, Tx. Jr-Sr Prom 1967

Torrents, The:  /from: Canyon, Tx...  /key member: Mike LaGrone - guitar/vocals..  /other possible members: Groves - trumpet, Bourland - drums..  /active: c.1966-68..  /note: This band was composed initially of Canyon High Students. They played popular soul music with horns, guitars, and drums, having seven members during their heyday.

Traveling Salesmen:  /refer to ‘Velveteens’ in this index.


Travis Bradshaw And The Outlaws:  /from: Plainview, Tx...  /key member: Travis Bradshaw - guitar/vocals..  /other members: Delton Essary - lead guitar, David Harris - bass..  /recorded where: Lubbock, Tx...  /possible recording date: c.1980..  /Single release date: c.1980..  /song titles: Heart Mender / Honky Tonkin’ Cowboy Fool..  /note: This band played the American Legion Club in Plainview, Tx. regularly during their active period..  /refer to ‘Charlie & The Boys’ in this index.

Trider, Larry:  /from: Plainview, Tx...  /key member: Larry Trider - guitar/vocals..  /other members: other members: Jimmy Pritchett - lead guitar, Jerry Hodges - bass, Gary Beavers - steel guitar..  /optional name: Larry Trider & The Nomads..  /recorded where: Clovis, N. M...  /possible recording dates: c.1963-75..  / single release dates: c.1963-75..  ?label: Roulette and Coral..  /song titles: Note On My Door / Make It Do / Me And Paul /Battle Of Pork’n Beens..  /note: Recently one of Trider’s songs has become a northern soul classic. The band listed above did not record in Clovis on the early Trider cuts.. / refer to ‘Moon Disc’ in this index.

Larry Trider

Triple C Express:  /from: Crosby county Tx...  /key member: Ricky Sudduth - fiddle..  /other members: Sonny Grant - Guitar, Kenneth Sellers, Danny Reagan, Kevin Rainwater, Gail Dinder - vocals..  /recorded where: Alderson Studio, Lubbock, Tx...  /possible recording date: c.1983..  /album release date: c.1983..  label: Triple C..  /album title: Shur’ nuff West Texas Music. 

Troy Jordan & The Cross B Boys:  /from Midland/Odessa, Tx...  /key member: Troy Jordan - musician..  /active: c.1948-58..  /recorded where: Big Spring, Tx...  /possible recording date: c.1958-67..  /note: One of their early songs was reissued on a CD titled “Texas Dance Hall Music” c.2000.

Tucker, Rick:  /from: Amarillo, Tx...  /key member: Rick Tucker - bass/vocals..  /active: c.1960..  /single record releases: c.1960..  /1st label: Veeda..  /song titles: Karen My Love / I’ll Be There..  /2nd label: Columbia..  /song titles: Patty Baby / Don’t Do Me This Way..  /note: Tucker had originally played stand up bass with an Amarillo, Tx. group, Rhythm Teens, c.1956.

Twisters, The:  /from: Lubbock, Tx...  /key member: Gary Reeves - guitar/vocals..  /other members: Bobby Bryan - guitar, Hamp Hampton - bass, Randy Reeves - drums..  /active: c.1960..  /note: Reeves fronted several other Lubbock, Tx bands including ‘The Gingerbread Men’ and ‘The Nomads’ during the sixties at the 87 club and others.

Twilights, The:  /from: Lubbock, Tx...  / key member: Danny Atcheson - lead guitar..  /other members: Tim Atcheson - rhythm guitar, Vaughn Stennis - bass, and Clyde Mann - drums.

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