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The Texas Tornados

Joe Barnhill - Nashville, Tennessee - from: Turkey, Texas

Harry Bray - Plainview, Texas - from: Turkey, Texas

The “Texas Tornados” live in El Paso, Texas

May 25th, 2012

Texas Tornados sound check

Texas Tornados doing a sound check

Texas Tornados tuning

Texas Tornados doing a sound check

  The Texas Tornados blew into El Paso, Texas Friday May 25th, 2012 and took the city by storm. At the start Shawn Sahm dedicated the concert to “Doug Sahm (Shawn’s father) and Mr. ”Freddy Fender”, two of the original Texas Tornados, that have moved on to that stage in the sky.

  There was the legendary Flaco Jimenez on the accordion who is as good as he ever once was and can still belt out those lyrics. Legendary Augie Meyers playing the keyboard and accordion and still able to bring those lyrics to life. Ernie Durawa on the drums putting down a rock ‘n  roll beat that had the crowd dancing, and also an original member. Speedy Sparks hitting those hot licks on the bass, accenting the band with a steady beat. Singer Nunie Rubio belting out those vocals, who sounded  eerily like a young “Freddy Fender” singing “Wasted Days And Wasted Nights. And then Shawn Sahm who filled his fathers boots very well. Playing a mean lead on his electric guitar. His vocals reminded me a lot of “Doug’s. Shawn is also quite a showman and a pro at getting the crowd involved.

  If you were not at the concert, you missed quite a show. Starting off and ending with the legendary song, “Is Anybody Going To San Antone,” and songs like “Guacamole”, Mendocino”, “Hey Baby, Oue Paso”, “Laredo Rose”, “Before The Next Teardrop”, “Nuevo Laredo”, “She’s About A Mover” to name a few.

The sound stage and lighting was set up and run by “G & G Production”. The two Gilbert’s (Sr. and Jr.) ran a flawless sound production with the proper volume levels across the boards.

  Gilbert Aranda, General Manager of Speedway Park, put together a wonderful memorial weekend production. Starting the night with a fun filled night of dirt track racing. With Stock Cars, Modifieds, Super Trucks, and Winged Sprint Cars. Followed by a fantastic Fireworks Display. Gilbert, then brought in the legendary TEXAS TORNADOS, who put on a spectacular show to cap of the evening.

  Gilbert is planing more entertainment for the greater El Paso area at El Paso Speedway Park. Watch here, check ,or listen to KFOX 92.3 FM on the radio dial for future events.

Aigie, Shawn, & Speedy

Augie, Shawn, & Speedy

Augie Meyer

Augie Meyers

Augie, Ernie, Speedy, Shawn, Nunie
Augie Meyer & Flaco Jimenez

Augie Meyers & Flaco Jimenez

Augie Meyer 2

Augie Meyers

Ernie Durawa setting up drums
Augie Meyer & Speedy Spack

Augie Meyers & Speedy Sparks

Ernie Durawa

Ernie Durawa

Nunie Rubio, Ernie Durawa, & Flaco Jimenez
Shawn Sahm
Flaco Jimenez & Micheal Mullin Micheal Mullin & Doug Sahm
Ernie, Flaco, & Nunie
Gilbert in front of sound stage
Augie, Ernie, Speedy, Shawn, Nunie
Shawn Sahm
Speedy Spack & Shawn Sahm
Shawn Sahm 4
Gilbert Aranda & Isaiah Montoya of Sun City Sports
Tour Bus & Sound Stage
Shawn Sahm & Flaco Jimenez 2
Shawn Sahm & Flaco Jimenez
Sound Stage
Sound Check
Tuning 4
Sound Stage set up 2

Story By: Robin Brown

Posted February 11th 2011

“Joe Barnhill keeps singing career alive”

  Joe Barnhill left Turkey as a baby with his parents Joe Bob and Sue Barnhill in the late sixties. He has spent most of his life since in Nashville, Tennessee where his parents settled s few years after leaving Texas. His father, Joe Bob had moved to music city in c.1970 to work as a musician and writer in the music industry. When Joe was old enough to sing he also followed in his father’s footsteps. Then for a time Joe seems to have dropped out of music but more recently, he has revived his singing career by recording a duet with Danish country singer Ulla Lindstroem. This happened in Nashville after Lindstroem came to the USA to record an album of songs she had written. After hearing a recording of Barnhill’s voice she invited him to sing a Duet with her on her second CD. The song was titled “How Is It Possible” and it came out so well that after the CD was released the song was played not only in the USA, but also in the UK, Europe, and new Zealand.

  By early January 2009 the song had peaked at #3 in Ireland on the independent radio stations, according to the European Country Music Association’s chart. Ms. Lindstroem says, ”After listening to a number of other singers, I fell in love with Joe’s voice and chose to record with him.” The success of the song has possibly helped her.                                                                                                                                                                                                                          Ulla Lindstroem

  In her native country of Denmark where she has appeared on national television also. She states that, “Country Music is not big in Denmark as it is in other countries of the world.” Which means she is more famous in other countries than her own. This is not Joe Barnhill’s first taste of success however as he had previously charted with a song titled “Your Old Flames Going Out Tonight”. He also co-wrote one of Tim McGraw’s biggest hits. so hats off to you Joe and your success with Ms. Ulla Lindstroem.

The Late musician Harry Bray finally Getting recognition

Harry Bray

Posted April 6th, 2011

Harry Bray Backroads

   The late Harry Bray always dreamed about being a recording artist, and his wish finally came true at age forty five. According to his son, Ron Bray of Hale Center, when Harry was about eighteen he attended music school in Arizona, and what he learned there stayed with him his entire life. Ron said, “At times it was a hobby, other times it was a career.

   Harry Bray grew up in Turkey, Texas and spent several years in other area towns before settling in Plainview, Texas around 1964 with his wife Zula. When he wasn’t working on his music career, he ran a used car lot in Plainview. His first few recordings weren’t in a crowded studio in Nashville, Tennessee but were made in Quitaque, Texas with Garrett Morrison and possibly Dick Polk around 1961.

   Although he never quite made it to the big time, Bray was quite famous in the area, During his recording career Bray wrote, recorded and released seventeen singles on his own labels, “Satin” and “Twix-Tween” Records. His songs were regularly played on Floydada, Texas radio station, KFLD. He Mostly wrote and produced country songs, but he did branch out of his comfort zone and produced one rock record and one soul record. His last recorded song, “Sweet Love Letters”, recorded by Larry Nelson in 1982, was said to have been played in Fort Worth, Texas on the Bill Mack, Midnight Cowboy Show, on WBAP.

   Ron, Who played a few times with his father, said that music was always a part of his father’s life. “He wrote a lot of songs”, Ron Said. “And was real passionate about his music. Even though he was more famous as a local artist, his music did reach some people in the music industry. Dac Crowell, a music critic in Champaign, Illinois, said, “Bray’s music style was different than any one else’s at that time”. “He brought together such diverse elements as old timey writing styles, fifties honky tonk music and unconventional recording techniques,” Crowell wrote. “His music is definitely  unpredictable and does not follow a commercial format. He did his own thing, totally independent of trends and style, and should be praised.

   Musicians which Harry Bray worked with in Plainview, included  Carolyn Collins, Jackie Johnson, Larry Nelson, and Shirley Malone. Bray remained active in music until his death in 1984. Robin Brown, who spent many years researching local musicians, said, “Bray was very passionate and humble about his career. He had a belief that someday his music would be valued, even though he received no accolades during his lifetime.

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