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Lanier, Donnie:  /from: Dumas, Tx...  /key member: Donnie Lanier - guitar/vocals..  /optional name: Don Lanear and Don La Near..  /recorded where: Clovis, N. M...  /possible recording date: c.1956-62..  /single release date: same..  / label: Roulette..  /song titles: Ponytail Girl / I Don’t Think You Love Me Anymore..  /2nd label: Apt Records..  /song titles: Gangster Of Love / I Don’t Think You Love Me Anymore.. /note: Lanier was a member of Buddy Knox’s original band, The Rhythm Orchids. He can be heard on such early hits as ‘Party Doll’ and “I’m Sticking With You’.

Lariat:  /from: Pecos Tx. area..  /key member: Jimmy Bryant - piano..  /other members: Jeff Bryant - drums/vocals, Junior Bryant - fiddle/mandolin/vocals, Delaney Jackson, and Steve Cross..  /active: c.1980s..  /note: This dance band played Big Spring, Abilene, Odessa and Midland areas of Texas. The brothers Jeff and Junior later became members of the award winning band “Ricochet” in the nineties.

Lewis, Wink:  /refer to ‘Buz Busby And His Band’ and ‘Hoyle Nix & His West Texas Cowboys’ in this index.

Little Big Band, The:  /from: El Paso, Tx...  /members: Mario Otero - guitar, Mike Smith - keyboard, Biff Thompson - bass, Gary Duncan - drums..  /active: 1977

Lonnie Brown Band, The:  /from: Plainview, Tx...  /key member: Lonnie Brown - guitar/vocals..  /other members: Lonnie Dale Brown - drums, Tony Poston - bass, Dennis Watts - lead guitar..  /active: c.1976..  /played where: El Toro Club, Plainview, Tx. in the seventies.

Los Paisanos:  /from: El Paso, Tx... members: Dr. Hugh Cardon, DDS, Dan Richey, Dr. Clarence “Kiki” Cooper, PHD

Los Paisanos

Lou Walker Band:  /from: Amarillo, Tx...  /key member: Lou Walker - guitar/vocals..  /other members: Lloyd Wheeler - fiddle, Bill Bowman - steel guitar..  /note: This was a popular dance band and played Country And Western Swing at various clubs in Amarillo, Tx. during the fifties.

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El Paso, Texas 79915

(915) 594-9900


Lu-Bocs, The:  /from: Lubbock, Tx...  /key member: Jim Solley - guitar/vocals..  /other members: Ralna English -vocals, Bobby Keyes - sax, Joe B. Mauldin - bass..  /active: c.1957-60..  /possible recording date: c.1957-60..  /single release date: c.1957-60..  /label: Deb..  /song titles: Debbie Darling / It’s Like Crazy.

Lynn, Audy:  /from: Lubbock, Tx. area..  /key member: Audy Lynn - vocals..  /other members: Lonnie Venable - guitar/ writer..  /recorded where: Caldwell Studio, Lubbock, Tx...  /possible recording date: c.1982..  /single release date: c.1982..  /label: Texas Soul..  /song titles: Lovin’ Affair / Texas Music.

Lynx:  /from: Andrews, Tx...  /members: T. Pack, D. Newell, D. Clouse..  /label: Hare..  /tittles: Look At Me / Just A Friend..  /note: This Rock Band is said to have four releases on the Hare label. One record was advertised in Billboard in 1971. Some recordingd were done in Clovis, N.M...  /active: c.1969 - 1971


The Maggits:  /from: El Paso, Tx...  /members: Bert Peters - vocals, Mike Ciccarelli - guitar/vocals, Ray Blest - guitar, Howard Steele - bass, Mike Kelly - drums..  /active: c1965

Maines Brothers Band (1st generation):  /from Lubbock, Tx...  /key members: Sonny Maines and James Maines..  / other members: Curley Lawler, Frank Carter, Gerald Braddock, and Fernie Reed..  /optional name: Western Swing Kings..  /active: c.1950-67..  /played where: The Cotton Club, Lubbock, Tx.

Maines Brothers Band (2nd generation):  /from: Lubbock, Tx...  /key members: Kenny Maines - bass and Lloyd Maines - guitar..  /other members: Steve Maines - guitar, Joe Stephenson - fiddle, John Dwyer - drums..  /active: c.1969.

Maines Brothers Band (3rd generation):  /from Lubbock, Tx...  /key members: Kenny Maines - guitar/vocals and Lloyd Maines - steel guitar..  /other members: Jerry Brownlow - bass, Steve Maines - drums, Richard Bowden, Mark Paden, and D. Maines..  /recorded where: Caldwell Studio, Lubbock, Tx...  /possible recording dates: c.1970-86..  /album release date: c.1982..  /label: Texas Soul..  /album title: Panhandler Dancer “Maines Brothers Band”...  /single

Maines Brothers
Maines Brothers 2

 release date: c.1983..  /single titles: Louisiana Anna / They Call It Love..  /2nd release date : c.1984..  /label: Mercury..  /song titles: You Are A Miracle / Jail House Rock.

Malone, Mike:  /from: Midland/Odessa, Tx. area..  /key member: Mike Malone - singer..  /possible recording date: c.1963..  /single release date: c.1963..  /label: Token..  /song title: It Must Be Raining..  /note: This was perhaps the second release on the Token label of Midland, Tx. which purportedly only has six releases by various artist.

Mansfield, Ronald:  /from: Abilene, Tx. area..  /key member: Ronald Mansfield - country singer..  /possible recording date: c.1960s..  /single release date: c.1960s..  /label: Beam..  /song titles: If This Is Living / Someone Else’s Arms.

Marvin Dudley & His Cedar Valley Boys:  /from: Lubbock, Tx. area..  /key member: Marvin Dudley - guitar/vocals..  / other members: Wilburn Roach - guitar, Sammy Hodge - steel guitar, Bill Branum - fiddle, Clovis Branum - lead guitar..  / active: c.1950..  /played where: KSEL Western Jamboree, Lubbock, Tx. c.1950.

Mavericks, The:  /from: Plainview, Tx...  /key member: Al Fox - piano..  /other members: Charlie Branscum - lead guitar, Charley Jacobs - drums, Leonard Kerr - fiddle, Dick Polk - bass..  /active: c.1965-70.

Max & Robin:  /from: Matador, Tx. and Quitaque, Tx...  /key members: Max Barton - vocals, and Robin Brown - lead guitar/vocals..  /other members: Robert Ashcraft - bass, Scott (drummer for ‘Viscounts’) - drums..  /recorded where: Checkmate Studio, Amarillo, Tx...  /possible recording date: c.1966-67..  /song titles: Man Of Steel / To Say No..  /note: These songs were unreleased. A few demos were pressed. If you know of some of these, please notify use here..  /refer to ‘Barton, Max’ and ‘Brown, Robin’ in this index.  

Maxwell, Gorman:  /refer to ‘Southernaires’ in this index.

Mayfield Brothers, the__/ from: Castro county, TX / key member: Edd Mayfield-lead guitar & vocals /other members: Smokey Mayfield-fiddle, Herb Mayfield-mandolin, Bill Myrick--guitar & vocals.../optional name: Green Valley Boys, Myrick and the Mayfield Brothers../ Active: 1950's / recorded where: Petty Studio, Clovis NM...../ After the Mayfield brothers appeared on the Louisianna Hayride with Bill Myrick in 1951, Bill Monroe hired Edd Mayfield to play (and sing) in his famous bluegrass band. In c.2009 a bluegrass documentary was being made about the Mayfields by a college in the midwest.

Mayfield Brothers

Mayfield, Edd:  /from: Dimmitt, Tx. area..  /key member: Bill Monroe..  /other members: Edd Mayfield - lead guitar/vocals..  /band name: Smokey Mountain Boys..  /optional name: Bill Monroe & The Smokey Mountain Boys..  /recorded where: Nashville, Tn...  /possible recording dates: c.1951-58..  /refer to ‘Myrick & The Mayfield Brothers’ in this index.

McCormack, Keith:  /from: Plainview, Tx...  /aka: Bryan Keith..  /recorded where: Clovis, N. M. and Nashville, Tn...  / possible recording dates: c.1958-68..  /single release date: c.1968..  /labels: RCA, Josie, and Dot..  /song titles: I Hear Music / Always Heartaches / Exit Love..  /note: McCormack was a member of the original String-A-Longs band who had a hit with “Wheels”. He also co-wrote “Sugar Shack”..  /refer to ‘Bugmen’ and ’Rock’n Rollers’ in this index.

Keith McCormack Artical 5-2

Melody Maids, The:  /from: Big Spring, Tx...  /members: Leeta Francis Ficklin, Janis Yates, Leslie Cathy, Mabel Smith and Ann Houser (director)..  /active: c.1943 during WWII..  /note: This young singing group performed at bond drives, military events and shows throughout West Texas.

Miller Brothers Band:  /from: Wichita Falls, Tx...  /key members: Leon Gibbs Miller - fiddle, and Lee Cochran Miller - trumpet..  /other members: Bill Jourdan - steel guitar, Smiley Weaver - guitar, Jim McGraw - fiddle, Dutch Ingram - drums, Troy Jordan - fiddle, Pascal Williams - bass, Madge B. Sutter - piano..  /optional name: Miller Brothers Orchestra..  / possible recording date: c.1950s..  /song title: Shadows On My Memories..  .note: Some of their songs were reissued on a CD c.2007. “Texas Dance Hall Music”. The band was founded by the Miller brothers of Wichita Falls, Tx., but continued long after they departed and was a favorite of rodeo dances in West Texas and Oklahoma.

The Miller Brothers

Miller, Eddie & His Oklahomans:  /from: Oklahoma and Texas..  /key member: Eddie Miller - musician/writer..  /possible recording date: c.1958..  /note: Some of their songs were reissued in c.2007 on a CD titled “Texas Dance Hall Music”. Miller co-wrote the classic “Please Release Me” and “There She Goes”. He once lived in Lamesa, Tx. where he played with the Tiny Colbert Band.. /refer to ‘Tiny Colbert & His Band’ in this index.

Moon Discs, The:  /from: Floydada & South Plains, Tx..  /members: Jimmy Pritchett - guitar, Price Pritchett - guitar, Doug Walding - guitar, and Junior Walding - drums..  /active: 1960 / Refer also in this index to 'Trider'. / note: This was an instrumental Surf & Venture type band. /


Moon Pie Daince Band:  /from: El Paso, Tx...  /members: Doug Neal, Bobby Napier, Jack Woodberry, Dalton Powell, Randy Jones

Moore, Gene & Bobbie:  /from: Amarillo, Tx...  /members: Gene Moore - vocals, Bobbie Moore - vocals, Dee Williams - organ..  /possible recording date: c.1962-72..  /album release date: same..  /label: Rodi..  /album title: How Great Thou Art.

Myrick, Bill & The Rainbow Riders:  /from: Lubbock, Tx. and Odessa, Tx...  /key member: Bill Myrick - musician/vocals..  /other members: Dale Burkett - piano, Tommy Allen - bass, Clint Bagwell - drums, Freddie Frank - fiddle, Merle David - fiddle, Jimmy Latham - Steel guitar..  /optional name: The Rainbow Riders..  /active: c.1955-60..  /played where: Fair Park Coliseum, Lubbock, Tx. and Silver Saddle Club, Odessa, Tx...  /refer to ‘Mayfield Brothers’ in this index.

Myrick, Bill & The Mayfield Brothers:  /from: Lubbock, Tx. and Dimmitt, Tx. area..  /key member: Bill Myrick - guitar/vocals..  /other members: Edd Mayfield - lead guitar, Smokey Mayfield - fiddle, Herb Mayfield - Mandolin..  /

Bill Myrtick & The Mayfield Brothers

optional name: Green Valley Boys..  /played where: KSEL Western Jamboree, Lubbock, Tx. c.1950, Louisiana Hay Ride, Shreveport, La. c.1951..  /possible active date: c.1950-54..  /refer to: Mayfield Brothers in this index.

Bill Myrick
Bill Myrick 2
Bill Myrick & The Mayfield Brothers

Myrick, Weldon:  /born: Jayton, Tx. 1938..  /resident of: Big Spring, Tx., Lubbock, Tx., and Nashville, Tn...  /skill: steel guitar, songwriter, and Nashville, Tn. session musician..  /early bands played in: Henley Diggs & The Double Mountain Boys and Circle 4 Ramblers..  /most important active period: c.1966..  /accomplishments: steel guitarist of the Grand Ol’ Opry Band c.1966..  /song of note: ‘It’s Not My Fault’ recorded by Buddy Holly.

Mystics, The:  /from: Midland/Odessa, Tx...  /key member: Al Perkins - lead guitar..  /other members: Dennis Grubb - guitar, Robert Ashcraft - bass, Pete Lair - drums..  /recorded where: Big Spring, Tx...  /possible recording date: c.1963..  /single release date: c.1963..  /label: Coin..  /song title: Fried Bacon Crisp..  /refer to ‘Shades’ and ‘Westwinds’ in this index.

Nelson, Larry:  /from Plainview, Tx. area..  /key member: Larry Nelson - vocals..  /recorded where: Caldwell Studio, Lubbock, Tx...  /possible recording date: c.1982..  /single release date: c.1982..  /label: Satin..  /song title: Sweet Love Letters..  /note: song written by Harry Bray.

New Beats, The:  /from: Odessa, Tx...  /key member: Larry Henley - vocals/writer..  /other members: Dean Mathis and Mare Mathis..  /recorded where: Big Spring, Tx...  /possible recording date: c.1964..  /single release date: c.1964..  /label: Hickory..  /song titles: Bread And Butter / Tough Little Buggy..  /other release songs: Everything’s Alright / Pink Dally Rue..  /note: The song ‘Bread And Butter’ went to the top of the pop charts in c.1964 for this lucky trio,

New String-A-Longs, The:  /from: Plainview, Tx...  /members: Keith McCormack, Terry McCormack, John Torres, Jake Torres, Junior Gibbs..  /recorded where: Lubbock, Tx...  / possible recording date: c.1965-70..  /single release date: c.1965-70..  /label: Ohn-J..  /song titles: I think It’s Gonna Rain / No One To Turn To.. /refer to ‘Bugmen’ in this index.

Strings Of Fortune-Plainview, Tx.

Nicholas, Don:  /from: Lubbock, Tx. area..  /key member: Don Nicholas..  /other members: The Four Teens..  /optional name: Don Nicholas & The Four Teens..  /recorded where: Big Spring, Tx...  /possible recording date: c.1958..  /single release date: c.1991..  /label: Roller Coaster (England)..  /CD title: Hepcats from Big Spring..  /song title: Too Young To Love, Too Old To Cry..  /refer to ‘Four Teens’ in this index.

Nighthawks-1958 L-R Eddie Reeves (rhythm) Mike Hinton(drums) John Thompson(bass) & Bob Venable(lead)

Nighthawks, The:  /from Amarillo, Tx...  /key member: Eddie Reeves - guitar/ vocals..  /other members: Mike Hinton - drums, John Thompson - bass, Bob Venable - lead guitar..  /later member: Terry Stafford..  /optional name: Combo Kings..  /recorded where: Clovis N. M...  possible recording date: c.1958..  /single release date: c.1958..  /label: Hamilton Records..  / song titles: When Sin Stops, Love Begins / All’a Your Love..  /refer to ‘Combo Kings’ and ‘Hysterical Society Boys’ in this index. 

Nite Owls, The:  /from: Lubbock, Tx...  /members: Jack Woody - bass, Danny Payne - lead guitar/vocals, Wally Davidson - rhythm guitar/vocals, Clyde Mann - drums..  /active: late fifties to late sixties..  /note: This band was formed in the late fifties and played throughout Texas and New Mexico at numerous dances and functions until the late sixties. A regular at Amarillo high school assemblies and dances as well as proms, dances, and special appearances in Lubbock. They toured the northeast US in the late sixtiesand appeared on a local New York City show, “Sid Freeman’s Coca Cola Bandstand”. They also played the Wagon Wheel in NYC as well as clubs in Scranton, Penn. and the Kayroc Inn in the Poconos Mountain resort area.  They made two records: “Walkin’ The Dog” (Red Feather Records in Albuquerque, New Mexico. and “Mama and Papa” ((RCA label recorded at Norman Petty’s in Clovis, New Mexico with Jimmy Solly as lead singer.


Oak:  /from: Odessa, Tx...  /key Member: Larry Poynor - guitar/drums/vocals..  /other members: Larry Brumfield, Jan Lessard, Don Slice..  /active: c.1975

Offbeats, The:  /from: Paducah, Tx...  /key member: Ann Henry - piano/vocals..  /other members: William Q. Richards - trumpet, Ronnie Richards - trumpet, Mike Henry - drums, Jim Powell - sax, Jack Long - trombone, Jerry Floyd - drums, Margaret Ann Mulky - singer, Francis Jones - singer, Carolyn Stout - singer..  /active: c.1956-60.

The Off Beats

Orange Tuna:  /from: El Paso, Tx...  /members: Doug Edwards - bass, Glenn Lefler - guitar, Mike Kelly - drums..  /active: c.1976

Outer Limits, The:  /from: El Paso, Tx...  /members: Jim Westbrook, Pete Hecker, John DeDuc, Jerry Bachman..  /active: c.1966

Ox:  /from: Amarillo, Tx...  /members: Greg Thomas - lead guitar, Ronnie James - guitar/vocals, Ronnie Caldwell - bass/vocals, Ken Mullins - drums, Wayne Williams - drums, Randy Turpin - keyboard, Ginger James - keyboard, Del Rahn - vocals..  Active: c.1971 - 1975..  /note: This Rock Band played the Tri-State Area (Texas, Oklahoma, and New Mexico). Playing high school parties, band battles, fraternity and sorority parties, etc... They were also the house band at the ‘Blue Goat Club’ in Amarillo’s Sunset Center for over a year during this time.

Page Boys, The: /from: Amarillo, Tx..  /members: Tom McCarty - guitar/vocals, Ronnie Hill - bass, Mark Kay - lead guitar, Richard Van Vilet - drums..  /active: c.1966..  /recorded where: Odessa, Tx...  /possible recording date:c.1966..  /single release date: c.1966..  /label: Ruff Records..  /song titles: All I Want / Silver & Gold.

The Page Boys 2

Pastels, The:  /from: West Texas..  /members: Arthur Carnrick, Rick Carnrick, Jim Gooby, Wayland Van Cleeve..  /active: 1961..  /note: Perhaps a Lubbock band.


Pedestrian Crossing:  /from Plainview and Floydada, Texas..  /members: Tommy Weathersby, Richard Burton, Carol Welch - guitar, Glenn Owens - vocals, Cecil White - lead guitar, and Gary McCormick - booking agent..  /active: c.1967

The Pedestrain Crossing

Pepper, Ken:  /from: Clovis, N. M...  /actual name: Homer Tankersley. aka Ken James..  /skill: singer..  /recorded where: Clovis N.M...  /possible recording date: c.1960..  /single release date: c.1961..  /label: Top Rank..  /song titles: Just A Little At A Time / I Get The Blues When It Rains..  /note: This artist also had releases as Ken James.

Perils, The:  /from: Hart, Tx...  /key member: Ed Reed - vocals..  /other members: David Brooks - guitar, Jerry Parker - lead guitar, Ricky Bennet - drums..  /recorded where: Clovis, N. M...  /possible recording date: c.1966..  /single release date: c.1966..  /label: Velva..  /song title: Hate..  /reissued: Big Beat label c.2007

Phillips, Charlie:  /refer to ‘Charlie Phillips & The Sugartimers’ in this index.

Picks, The:  /from: Lubbock, Tx... /key members: Bill Pickering, John Pickering, and Bob Lapham..  /other periodic members: Homer Martin, Jim Revels..  /note: a singing group..  /optional names: ‘The Plainsmen’ and ‘The Pickwicks’..  / played where: KSEL and KFYO radio in Lubbock, Tx...  /note: This singing group had a regular radio program in the mid fifties on these stations. They also made numerous recordings with Buddy Holly in Clovis, N. M. c.1957..  /possible recording date: c.1957..  /single release date: c.1957-58..  /labels: Brunswick and Coral..  /song titles: Not Fadeway / Looking For Love / That’ll Be The Day.

Plainsmen, The:  /from: Amarillo, Tx...  /key member: Windy Wood..  /active: c.1947..  /refer to ‘Sons Of The West (2nd generation)’ and ‘Windy Wood & New Sons Of The West’ in this index.

Poorboys, The:  /from: Odessa, Tx...  /key member: Ronnie Smith - vocals..  /other members: Richard Porter - guitar/ vocals, Eddie Williams - lead guitar, Bob Hardwick - bass, Carl Bunch - drums, Brent Clark - sax, Roy Licon - trumpet..  / active: c.1955-61..  /recorded where: Clovis, N. M...  /possible recording date: c.1958..  /note: Carl Bunch was with Buddy Holly on the fateful winter tour, as his drummer..  /refer to ‘Ronnie Smith And The Poorboys’ in this index.

Porter, Royce:  /from: Sweetwater, Tx... /key member: Royce Porter..  /skill: singer, songwriter, and recording artist..  / labels: Look, Spade, and Mercury..  /song titles on Mercury: Good Time / Beach Of Love..  /recorded: c.1958..  /note: This singer and songwriter produced several rockabilly records. He also co-wrote “Beachfront Property” which was a hit for George Straight.

Pound Family, The:  /from: Memphis, Tx. and Branson, Mo...  /members: Audry Pound, Loree Pound, Linda Pound, and Bonnie Pound..  /other members: Mom and Dad..  /optional name: 6 Lbs. Of Music..  /recorded where: Perdue Studio, Amarillo, Tx...  /possible recording date: c.1978..  / single release date C.1978..  /label: Bluebonnett Records..  /song titles: With Your Love / Shoe Me The Way.

The Pound Family

Raiders, The:  /from: Lubbock, Tx...  /members: Scott Turner - Lead guitar, Harold “Hal” Goodson - guitar/vocals, Jerry Dereyer - rhythm guitar, Leon Bagwell - bass, James Baird - 2nd bass..  /label: Solo..  /song tittles: Wko’ll Be The Next Honey / Later Baby..  /2nd label: Andex..  /song titles Hocus Pocus / Yoo Hoo..  /active: c.1957 - 1960..  /note: Scott Turner (aka: Graham Turnbell) came to Lubbock from Nova Scotia, Canada in the mid fifties as a teacher. He met Goodson while attending Graduate classes at Texas Tech and they formed the rockabilly band. Hal Goodson appeared on the first record only, while ‘Crickett’ J. I. Allison played drums at the Norman Petty Studio in Clovis, New Mexico.

Rainbow Riders:  /refer to ‘Myrick, Bill & The Rainbow Riders’ in this index.

Rainwater, Jerry & The Blue Rockets:  /from: Snyder, Tx...  /key member: Jerry Rainwater - guitar/vocals..  /possible recording date: c.1960-65..  /single release date: c.1960-65..  /label: Blue Diamond..  /song titles: Petite Fillette / Blue Mist..  /note: Rainwater is purported to have been born c.1941 and grew up in Snyder, Tx. He was playing clubs in the Midland/Odessa area in the seventies and singing country songs.

Ravens, The:  /from: Dumas, Tx...  /key member: Jack Carter - guitar/vocals..  /other members: Larry Skipworth - lead guitar, Delwin Steele - drums, Billy Jay Walls - bass..  /optional name: Tiaras..  / recorded where: Clovis, N. M...  / possible recording date: c.1960..  /song titles: One And Truly / I Love You..  /note: In the summer of 1961 they moved to the Denison- Sherman area and had there own weekly radio show. At This time they changed there name to The Tiaras after learning of another group called The Ravens..  /refer to ‘Tiaras’ in this index.

jerry rainwater
The Ravens

Ravens, The: /from: Lubbock, Tx...  /key member: David Box - guitar/vocals..  /other members: Joel Sercy - lead guitar, Lynn Bailey - bass, Earnie Hall - drums..  /active: c.1958..  /refer to ‘Box, David’ in this index.

Ray Ruff & The Checkmates:  /from: Amarillo, Tx...  /key member: Ray Ruffin - singer..  /other members: (at various times) Jerry Hodges, Chuck Tharpe, Larry Marcum, Chico Apodacca, Bobby Hacker, and Chuck McClure..  /recorded where: Clovis, N. M...  /possible recording date: c.1960..  / single release dates: 1960-65..  /labels: Lin, Ruff, Storme, and Sully..  /song titles: Hey Girl / All The Time Now / Long Long Pony Tail / Pretty Blue Eyes.

Ray Ruff & The Checkmates Bobby Hacker drums on Merty Robbins Show

Reams, Carrol:  /from: Amarillo, Tx...  /vocal duo: Dale Gardner and Carrol Reams - singers..  /other members: Ted Barnhill - bass, Nelson Wertman - guitar, Gary Swafford - drums, Robin Brown - guitar..  /recorded where: Clovis, N. M...  /possible recording date: c.1964..  /song title: Friends..  /note: songs recorded are unreleased.

Reasons Why, The:  from: Turkey, Tx...  /key member: Hal House - lead guitar..  /other members: David Brown - guitar/ vocals, Bobby Hill - bass, Steve Bingham - drums..  /note: a high school band that played high school dances. Played a dance at Lake Theo..  /active: c.1965-67

Red Hayes And Trail 80 Cowboys:  /from: Mineola, Tx. and Odessa, Tx...  /members: Red Hayes - fiddle/vocals, Billy Thompson - guitar, Al Petty - steel guitar, Leon Hayes - bass, Freddy Frank - musician..  /recorded where: Gold Star, Houston, Tx...  /possible recording date: c.1950-55..  /single release date: same era..  /label: Starday..  /song title: Satisfied Mind..  /2nd label: Bo-Kay..  /date: c.1955-60..  /song titles: Next To Jimmy / Away To Free Myself..  /note: Hayes wrote the standard “Satisfied Mind” later recorded by Lefty Frizzell. Hayes was a member of several important bands including, Hank Thompson’s Band and Hoyle Nix’s band..  /refer to ‘Billy Thompson And The Melody Cowboys’ in this index. 

Reeves, Eddie:  /from: Amarillo, Tx...  /key member: Eddie Reeves - guitarist, vocalist, and songwriter..  /optional name: Restless Feelings..  /recorded where: New York City, N. Y. and Los Angeles, Ca...  /possible recording dates: c.1967-69..  /single release dates: 1967 and 1969..  / labels: United Artist..  /song titles: Hey Mamma / A Million Things / Forgot To Forget / Barely.

Reeves, Gary:  /refer to ‘Twisters’ in this index.

Eddie Reeves-1961

Reno, Jack:  /resident of: Lubbock, Tx. c.1965..  /key member: Jack Reno - singer..  /possible recording date: c.1965..  / single release date: c.1965..  /label: Banner..  /song titles: You Love Another / The Biggest Man..  /note: Reno was a singer and DJ from another state who worked in Lubbock, Tx. for a time. He went on to be a regular on the Ozark Jubilee after leaving Lubbock.

Restless Feelings:  /refer to ‘Reeves, Eddie’ in this index.

Reynolds, George:  /from: Ft. Stockton, Tx...  /recorded where: Big Spring, Tx...  /possible recording date: c.1965..  /single release date: c.1965..  /song titles: Tough Guitar / Sue..  /note: ‘Tough Guitar’ is a cover of the sax instrumental “Tuff”.

Rhodes, Squeaky:  /refer to ‘Tommy Hancock & The Roadside Playboys’ in this index.

Rhodes, Tex:  /from: Hereford, Tx...  /key member: Tex Rhodes - steel guitar/vocals..  /other members: Cecil White - lead guitar, Chuck Danley  - bass, Lewis Porch - drums..  /recorded where: Amarillo, Tx...  /possible recording date: c.1970..  / label: Storme Records..  / song titles: It’s Three O’clock / Blue Shadows..  /refer to ‘Sandmen’ in this index. 

Rhythm Bandits, The:  /from: Midland, Tx...  /key member: Elroy Dietzel..  /recorded where: Clovis, N. M.../ possible recording date: c.1956-57..  /single release date: c.1956-57..  label: Bo-Kay..  /song titles: Teenage Ball / Precious Desires.

Rhythm Masters, The:  /from: Pampa, Tx...  /key member: Tony Edmonson - lead guitar..  /other members: Dale Cox - bass, Charlie Fant - guitar/vocals, Harold Ford - drums, Rusty Russell - drums..  /optional name: The Bentleys..  /active: c.1958-66..  /recorded where: Clovis, N. M...  /possible recording date: c.1962..  /single release date: c.1963..  /label: Columbia..  /song titles: Wild Kitten / Exotique..  /note: These instrumentals were reissued on a CD c.2007 titled “That’s Swift”, Rare Instrumentals From The Vaults of Norman Petty.

Rhythm Teens:  /refer to ‘Tucker, Rick’ inthis index.

Robinson, Jim:  /from: Littlefield, Tx...  /key member: Jim Robinson - vocals..  /other members: George Atwood, Buddy Holly, and Vi Petty..  /recorded where: Clovis, N. M...  /possible recording date: June 24th, 1957..  /single release date: C.1959..  /label: Brill..  /song title: Man From Texas.

Rock’n Rollers, The:  /from: Plainview, Tx...  /key member: Keith McCormack - guitar/vocals..  /other members: Jay Edmiston - drums, Jimmy Torres - guitar, Aubrey Cordova - guitar..  /optional name: Leen Teens and String-A-Longs..  / recorded where: Amarillo, Tx...  /possible recording date: c.1958..  /single release date: c.1958..  /label: Ven..  /song titles: For You / Boy, I think It’s Really Love..  /refer to ‘Bugmen’ and ‘McCormack, Keith’ in this index.

Rod Crosby and The Intruders:  /from: El Paso, Tx...  /members: Rod Crosby - guitar/vocals, Paul Dillon - lead guitar/vocals, Paul West - Bass/trumpet/vocals, Lefty Eisch

Rogers, Al:  /refer to Al Rogers Trio in this index.

Rogers Twins, The:  /from: Amarillo, Tx. area..  /key members: Lloyd Rogers - musician/vocalist, Boyd Rogers - musician /vocalist..  /other members: Roland Herring - fiddle, Junior Blankenship - steel guitar..  /note: This was a popular dance band around Amarillo, Tx. during the fifties.

Ronnie Smith And The Poorboys:  /from: Odessa, Tx...  /key member: Ronnie Smith - vocals..  /other members: Richard Porter - guitar, Eddie Williams - lead guitar. Bob Hardwick - bass, Carl Bunch - drums..  /later members: Brent Clark - saxophone, Roy Licon - trumpet..  /active: c.1955-61..  /released songs: My Babe (Hamilton) / Lookie-Lookie- Lookie (Brunswick) / It Hurt Me So (Imperial)..  /note: This group appeared regularly on television and radio in Odessa during this ear. Ronnie Smith also went on the ‘Winter Dance Tour’ and appeared as a recording artist on his own, Most all of Smith’s records were recorded in Clovis, N. M. (reference: “West Texas Rock ‘n’ Roll” by Bill Griggs)..  /refer to ‘Poorboys’ in this index. 

Roses, The:  /from: Odessa, Tx...  /members: Robert Linville, David Bingham, Ray Rush..  /skills: singers and recording artist..  /bands played in: The Teen Kings and The Crickets..  /most important period: c.1955-65..  /accomplishments: provided backup singing on many recordings by Buddy Holly, Waylon Jennings, and Roy Orbison..  /songs of note: It’s So Easy (Holly), Ooby Dooby (Orbison), and Jole Blon (Jennings)..  /record labels: Sun, Decca, and Brunswick..  /note: Ray Rush later founded his own record label, “Gina” and produced other artist.

Top Robert Linville, Bottom Left Ray Rush & David Bingham Buddy Holly's backup vocalist

Ross Edwards Orchestra:  /from: Lubbock, Tx...  /key member: Ross Edwards - violin..  /other members: Ruth Ford, Roy Bird, Nell Oldham, Dee Brogden, McDaniel “Hub” Hicks, Mr. Sells..  /active: c.1935-50..  /played where: Sled Allen’s Arena.

Russell Don & The Premiers:  /from: Amarillo/Borger, Tx. area..  /key member: Russell “Red” Steagall - guitar/vocals..  / other members: Gerald Hanners - lead guitar, Jerry Hodges - bass, Gary Johnson - drums (Johnson did not participate in the recording listed)..  /recorded Where: Clovis, N. M...  /possible recording date: c.1961..  /song titles: The Dance / Once Again..  /note: Russell Don went on to fame in country music as Red Steagall. He was from Sanford, Tx. near Amarillo, Tx.

Red Steagall 3
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