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Daily, Durwood:  /from: Lamesa, Tx. and Odessa, Tx. area..  /optional name: Durwood Martin Haddock..  /stage name: Durwood Daily (or Daly)..  /recorded where: Big Spring, Tx...  /possible recording date: c.1958..  single release date: c.1958..  label: Caprock Records..  /song titles: That’ The Way It Goes / I’m A Lonesome Old Boy.

Dallas, Jackie:  /refer to ‘Tiaras’ in this index.

Danny and The Counts:  /from: El Paso, Tx...  /members: Danny Parra - lead guitar/vocals, Eric Huereque - bass/vocals, Javier “Jaguar” Valenzuela - rhythm guitar/lead guitar, Little Joe - drums, Joe “Bozo” Martinez - tambourine..  /label: Coronado..  /tittle/ Ode To The World

David, Merle:  /from: Clarendon, Tx...  /key member: Merle David - fiddle..  /other members: Gary Moore, Bobby Green, Jerry Abbott, Bruce Whitaker..  /recorded where: Delta Studio, Ft. Worth, Tx,..  /possible recording date: c.1974-80..  / album release date: same..  /label: Zak-Tone..  /album title: Merl David..  /note: David also played in Hoyle Nix and Hank Thompson’s bands..  /refer to ‘Hoyle Nix & His West Texas Cowboys’ in this index.

Davis, Sherry:  /from:  /from: Ft Worth, Tx...  /key member: Sherry Davis - vocals..  /other members: Buddy Holly - guitar, Jack Vaughn - guitar, J. I. Allison - drums..  /optional name: Sherri Lynn..  /recorded where: Clovis, N, M...  /possible recording date: c.1957..  /single release date: c.1957..  /label: Fashion..  /song title: Broken Promises..  /note: Sherry had an extensive career in music and broadcasting under various names including Sherry Davis, Delli Lee, and Sherri Lynn. She was on WBAP radio and the Big D Jamboree and later hosted a show from Las Vegas (according to John Ingman). She Once toured with Elvis Presley in c.1955.

DC And The Gents:  /refer to ‘Reams, Carroll’ in this index.

Dean Beard & The Crewcuts:  /from: Abilene, Tx. and Cisco, Tx...  /key member: Dean Beard - guitar/vocals..  /other members: Jimmy Seals - sax, Dash Crofts - drums..  /possible recording date: c.1957..  /single release date: c.1957..  / labels: Atlantic, Sun, & AOK..  /song title: Rakin’ And Scraping (Atlantic)

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Derby Hatville:  /from Lubbock, Tx...  /possible recording date: c.1968..  /single release date: c.1968..  /label: SEA ELL..  /song title: Turn Into Earth.

Deuces Wild:  /from: Amarillo, Tx...  /recorded where: Larry Cox Studio, Amarillo, Tx...  /possible recording date: c.1966..  /possible single release date: c.1966..  /label: Deuce Records..  /song titles: Come Easy Go / Hey Little One..  /note: This was a popular rock band around the Amarillo/Canyon, Tx. area that competed with the Hysterical Society, The Illusions and the Cords as Amarillo’s favorite.

Deuces Wild

Doggett, Ray:  /from: Sweetwater, Tx...  /born: Big Spring, Tx. c.1936..  /active: c.1957..  /song titles: It Hurts The One Who Loves Me / That’s The Way Love Is..  /labels: Decca, Spade, & TNT..  /note: This singer has credibility in the field of rockabilly.

Don Allen & The Sunset Ramblers:  /from: Lubbock, Tx...  /key member: Don Allen - steel guitar (Allanreed, Tx.)..  / other members: James Baird - upright bass (Quitaque, Tx.), Bobby Bailey - guitar/vocals (Grovetown, Tx.), Hank Newman - piano (Columbus, Ga.), Jimmy Bryant -2nd piano (Pecos, Tx.)..  /optional name: Sunset Ramblers..  /active: c.1955-66..  /recorded where: KDUB-TV, Lubbock, Tx...  /possible recording date: c.1959..  /note: This band hosted a Talent Show sponsored by Walsh Foods at KDUB in Lubbock, Tx c.1960. They also played the Cotton Club in Lubbock, Tx. and rodeo dances across the South Plains. Several members had originally met at an Air Force Base in Newfoundland in the early fifties and these three, Allen, Bailey and Newman, became the nucleus of the band based in Lubbock, Tx.

Don Chaney And The Ivey Jives:  /refer to ‘Ivy Jives’ in this index.

Don Allen & The Sunset Ramblers

Don Ray and Hobbit:  /from El Paso, Tx...  members: Don Ray Hearon - keyboard, John Avalos - guitar, Jamie Sanchez - guitar, Paul Quattlebaum - bass, Rocky Chacon - drums..  /active: 1970s

Don Ray and The Soul Queens:  /from: El Paso, Tx...  /members: Don Ray Hearon - keyboard, John Avalos - guitar, Jamie Sanchez - guitar, Rocky Chacon - drums, Little Mary - vocals, Paula Hearon - vocals, Big Mary - vocals..  /active: 1970s

Drugstore Cowboys, The:  /from: Lubbock, Tx...  /key members: Henry Lester - fiddle, Shorty Lester - banjo..  /other members: Duke Baker - fiddle, Pete Wilborn - guitar, Clyde Perkins - banjo, Ken Bracher - bass..  /optional name: Sons Of The Saddle..  /active: c.1940-60.

Dub Adams & The K-Bar Ranch Hands:  /from: San Angelo, Tx...  /key member: Dub Adams - musician/vocals..  /other members: Joe Pennington - guitar/harmony..  /active: c.1946.

Dyson, Carley:  /from: Amarillo, Tx...  /born: Cheryl Dyson c.1950..  /recorded where: Stull Studio, Amarillo, Tx...  /possible recording date: c.1973..  /single release date: C.1973..  /label: Smashville Sound..  /song title: A Sleepless Nite With You..  /note: This song was written by Robin Brown.

Carley Dyson

Edna Lee & The Lee Riders:  /from: Morton, Tx. and Odessa, Tx..  /key member: Edna Lee Dupre..  /maiden name: Edna Lee House..  /active: c.1969..  /recorded where: Odessa, Tx. and Nashville, Tn...  /possible recording dates: c.1965-69..  /single release date: c.1969..  /label: Metromedia..  /song titles: Full House / Men.

Electras, The:  /refer to ‘Jon Sisco And The Electras’ in this index.

Elshire, Patsy:  /refer to ‘Blane, Patsy’ in this index.

Emeralds, Sammy And The:  /from Amarillo, Tx...  /key member: Sammy Cooper - guitar/vocals..  /possible recording date: c.1962-64..  /single release date: c.1963..  /song title: Miss Tiny Tears..  /note: This rock-pop combo played the Nat Ballroom (aka Club Bora) in 1964 and were popular.

Fayros, The:  /from: Amarillo, Tx. and Turkey Tx...  /key member: Joe Bob Barnhill - guitar/ vocals..  /other members: Ted Barnhill - bass, Earl Whitt - lead guitar, Gary Swafford - drums..  /occasional members: Gary Johnson - drums, Steve Dodge - bass..  /recorded where: Clovis, N. M...  /possible recording date: c.1960-61..  /single release date: c.1961..  /label: RCA Victor..  /song titles: Skokiaan / Boot Hill Rag..  /refer to ‘Barnhill, Joe Bob’, ‘Swafford, Gary Lee’, and ‘Tiaras’ in this index.

Feathers, the__from: Abilene & Odessa,TX / active: c.1964 / members: Larry Poynor on drums & guitar, Gary Poynor on bass guitar, Pepper Martin on lead guitar, Bill Cleaver on rhythm guitar, Bill Ray on sax and Teddy Neely--drums./ Label: Veep / songs: Them Onions, The Dummy / Refer also to 'Circus' in this index

00 013

Felix:  /from: Lubbock, Tx...  /members: Jay Boy Adams - guitar/vocals, Davis McLarty - drums, Woody Keys - guitar, Danny Darling - drums..  /active: c1972..  /refer to ‘Boot Hill’, ‘Jay Boy Adams Band’, and ‘Just-Us-Four’ in this index.

Flatlanders, The:  /from: Lubbock, Tx...  /key member: Butch Hancock - guitar/vocals..  / other members: Jimmy Dale Gilmore - guitar/vocals, Joe Ely - guitar/vocals, Jesse Taylor - lead guitar..  /periodic members: Sylvester Rice, Steve Wesson, Tony Pearson..  /recorded where: Nashville, Tn...  /possible recording date: c.1972..  /album release date: c.1972..  /label: Rounder..  /album title: The Flatlanders, More A Ledgend Than A Band.

Flatlanders 001

Four Teens, The:  /from: Lubbock, Tx...  /key member: Terry Nolan - guitar/vocals..  /other members: Larry Welborn - guitar, Brownie Higgs - drums, Leon Ligon - bass..  /recorded where: Dallas, Tx...  /possible recording date: c1956..  / album release date: c.1990..  /label: German Bear Family..  /song titles: Hound Dog / That Ain’t Right..  /note: This is on a compilation of other artist..  /refer to ‘Nicholas, Don’ and ‘Welborn, Larry’ in this index.

Frank Barnhill Jr. & The Coachmen:  /from: Turkey, Tx...  /key member: Frank Doyle “Buzzy” Barnhill, Jr.  - guitar/vocals..  /other members: H. A. “Sonny” Mullin - guitar, Billy Joe Mullin - bass, Gary Johnson - drums..  /optional names: ‘The Four Counts’ and ‘The Soundrifters’..  /recorded where: Bray’s Cellar Studio, Plainview, Tx. and Odessa, Tx...  /possible recording date: c.1965-67..  /single release date: c.1966..  /label: Twixt-Tween..  /song titles: Summers Gone Away / For Me To Know..  /2nd single song titles: I Love / Something Different..  /refer to ‘Barnhill, Buzz, & The four Counts’ and ‘Soundrifters’ in this index. 

F.Barnhill-Summers Gone Away

Franks, Freddie:  /from: Mineola, Tx. and Odessa, Tx...  /key members: Freddie Franks and Jack Rhodes..  /optional name: Jack Rhodes & Freddie Franks..  /possible recording date: c.1955..  /single release date: c.1955..  /label: Starday..  /song title: Gypsy Heart..  /note: Released on a 78rpm record.

Fullingim, Jim:  /from: Petersburg, Tx...  /key member: Jim Fullington - vocals..  /other members: Don Ramsey - organ, Gail Trowbridge - piano, Carolyne Fullingim - background..  /recorded where: Caldwell Studio, Lubbock, Tx...  /possible recording date: c.1980..  /album release date: c.1980..  /album title: Thanks To Calvary

Gardner, Dale:  /refer to ‘Kitchen Cinq’, and ‘Reams, Carroll’ in this index.

Gary Reeves and the Nomads: /from: Lubbock, Tx...  /key member: Gary Reeves - vocals/rhythm guitar..  /other members: Bobby Bryan - lead guitar, “Hamp” Hampton - bass, and Benny Thompson - drums..  /possible recording date: 1965..  /single release: 1965..  /label: Nomad..  /song titles: Shortnin’ Bread / How Can You Forget.

Gemini Five, The:  /from: Canyon, Tx...  /key members: Ronnie Hester -guitar/vocals and Robin Brown - lead guitar..  / other members: Lynn Kelley - guitar/vocals, Charles Knight - bass, Billy Cawthon - drums..  /optional name: The Cavaliers..  /note: Primarily a rock band that played High School Hops and Fraternity Parties around the Amarillo/Canyon, Tx. area c.1965-66. A favorite or the Lamda Chi Alpha’s.. /refer to ‘Brown, Robin’, ‘Hester, Ron’, ‘Soul Seekers’ and ‘Westwinds’ in this index.

Gene Armstrong & His West Texas Nitehawks:  /from: Amarillo/Dalhart, Tx. area.. /members: Howard Garrett - vocals, Gene Armstrong - fiddle..  /possible recording date: c.1950..  /single release date: c.1950..  /label: Time..  /song titles: Nighthawk Breakdown / Draggin’ The Bow / Pretty Pretty Kitty.

Gore Brothers, The:  /from: Lubbock, Tx...  /key member: Gary Gore - bass/lead vocals..  / other members: Ron Gore - mandolin, Bruce McBee - banjo, Glenda Kniphfer - guitar..  / optional name: Cool Water..  /recorded where: Caldwell Studio, Lubbock, Tx...  / possible recording date: c.1978..  /label: Gore Brothers Records..  /album title: The Gore Brothers & Cool water.

Gore Brothers & Cool Water

Griffin, Rusty:  /from: Lubbock, Tx. area..  /recorded where: Big Spring, Tx...  /possible recording date: c.1965..  /single release date: c.1965..  /label: Gaylo..  /song titles: Please Forgive Me / Three Steps.

Haddock, Durwood:  /from: Denison, Tx...  /born: Fannin County, Tx...  /resident of: Odessa/Lamesa, Tx. area c.1954-58..  /skill: Disc Jockey, singer, songwriter, musician, and recording artist..  /variant name: Durwood Daly..  /band played in: Tiny Colbert’s Band, Odessa, Tx...  /most important active period: c.1955-65..  /accomplishments: co-wrote a country standard with Eddie Miller..  /song of note: There She Goes..  /record labels: Caprock and 4-Star..  /awards: BMI, ASCAP Writer’s Award..  /accomplishment: Carl Smith went to the top ten with one of his songs c.1955..  /label: Caprock Records..  /song titles: That’s The Way It Goes / I’m A Lonesome Old Boy..  /srtist credit: Durwood Daly.

Haggett, Jimmy:  /from: Big Spring, Tx...  /key member: Jimmy Haggett - singer..  /recorded where: Big Spring, Tx...   / possible recording date: c.1958..  /single release date: c.1958..  label: Caprock Records..  /song titles: All I Have Is You / Without You.

Hall, Ben:  /refer to ‘Ben Hall & The Circle 4 Ramblers’ and ‘Circle 4 Ramblers’ in this index.

Hank Harral & His Palomino Cowhands:  /from: Lubbock, Tx. and Big Spring, Tx...  /key member: Hank Harral - guitar/ vocals..  /other members: Ace Balch - guitar, Cecil Hadaway -fiddle, Sam Baker - piano, Harvey Wilson - steel guitar, Curley Thomas - upright bass..  /recorded where: Lubbock, Tx. and Big Spring, Tx...  /possible recording dates: c1949 and c.1958..  /single release dates: c.1950 and c.1958..  /1st label: Star-Talent..  /song titles: Dream Band Boogie / Dilly Dally Doodle..  /2nd label: Caprock Records..  /song titles: Tank Town Boogie / Sweet Memory..  /note: Hank Harral was owner/founder of the Caprock label in Big Spring, Tx. and he had four singles in c.1958-59 on Caprock. He had begun playing on radio in the early thirties in Amarillo, Tx. He had been a DJ next in Clovis, N. M. then Lubbock, Tx. and in 1957 he moved to Big Spring, Tx.

Hankins, Clyde:  /refer to ‘Bernie Howe Jazz Trio’ and ‘Clyde Hankins Quartet’ in this index.

Harry Bray And The Wheels:  /from: Plainview, Tx...  /key member: Harry Bray - tenor guitar/ vocals..  /other members: Dick Polk, Arcie Dunlap, Ron Bray, Harvey Wilson..  /optional name: Harry Bray And The Silver Spurs..  /recorded where: Bray’s Cellar Studio, Plainview, Tx...  / possible recording date: c.1965..  /single release date: c.1965..  /label: Satin..  /song titles: In The Backroad Of My Mind / A Long Time..  /refer to ‘Bray, Harry’  in this index.

Arcie Dunlap -recorded with Harry Bray c.1967

Archie Dunlap

Harry Bray Backroads

Hayes, Joe “Red”:  /refer to ‘Billy Thompson And The Melody Cowboys’ and ‘Red Hays And Trail 80 Cowboys’ in this index.

Heartbeats, The:  /from: Lubbock. Tx...  /key member: Linda Sanders - drums/vocals..  /other members: Jeannie Foster - lead guitar/organ, Deborah McMillan - bass, Deb Sanders - guitar..  / recorded where: Tyler, Tx. and Clovis, N. M...  /possible recording date: c.1966-68..  /single release date: c.1966-68..  /label: Heart beat..  /song titles: Choo Choo Train / Cryin’ Inside..  ./2nd release: Satisfied / Everywhere..  /note: The Heartbeats were an all female teenage band of Lubbock, Tx. who won a nationally televised talent contest c.1968.


Henley Diggs & The Double Mountain Boys:  /from: Peacock, Tx. and Aspermont, Tx. area..  /key member: Henley Diggs..  /other members: Weldon Myrick - steel guitar..  /active: c.1955.. /refer to ‘Ben Hall & The Circle & Ramblers’, and ‘Myrick, Weldon’ in this index.

Hepcats, The:  /from: Matador, Tx...  /key member: Gerald Pipkin - sax/piano..  /other members: Pat Seigler - guitar, Mike Groves - trumpet/piano, Pat Groves - drums, Frank Traweek - piano, Lee Smith - guitar..  /later members: Jack Long - trombone, William Q. Richards - trumpet..  /active: c.1954-60..  /recorded where: KGNC Radio, Amarillo, Tx...  /demo recordingdate: c.1958..  /note: This dixieland band played locally and also played fraternity parties at Texas Tech, Lubbock, Tx. They also won 2nd place in the state FFA contest in Ft Worth, Tx. c.1959.

00 011

Hess, Bennie:  /born: Chriesman, Tx. in 1914..  /skill: singer, label owner, and recording artist..  /Hess founded at least four labels: Opera, Jet, Spade, and Pearl..  /songs of note: Wild Hog Hop / The Bennie Hess Boogie..  /note: Hess once had a regular radio show on KFYO in Lubbock, Tx. probably in the thirties or forties. His early band was called ‘The Rhythm Wranglers’. He also lived in Los Angeles, Ca., Houston, Tx., and Nashville, Tn. at various times during his life. He claimed his son Troy to be the youngest recording artist in the world in c.1970 while living in Nashville, Tn. Bennie Hess died in 1984 as one of the most colorful persons that ever worked within the music field. He claimed to have Jimmy Rodger’s original guitar in c.1971 and did have a Martin that had Rodger’s name inlaid on it.

Hester, Carolyn:  /from: Waco, Tx. and Lubbock, Tx...  /key member: Carolyn Hester - vocals..  /other members: Buddy Holly - guitar, George Atwood - bass..  /recorded where: Clovis, N. M...  /possible recording date: c.1957..  /album release date: c.1957..  /album title: Scarlett Ribbons..  /note: This singer is something of a legend in Folk music and had some association with Bob Dylan prior to his big break.

Hester, Ron:  /from: Silverton, Tx...  /key member: Ronnie Hester - guitar/vocals..  /other members: The Maines Brother’s Studio Band..  /optional name: Caprock Country..  /recorded where: Caldwell Studio, Lubbock, Tx...  /possible recording date: c.1980..  /album release date: c.1981..  /label: Caprock Records..  /album title: Ron Hester: Caprock Country Music...  /refer to ‘Caprock Country’, ‘Gemini Five’, and ‘Soul Seekers’ in this index.

Ronnie Hester

Holcomb, Judy:  /from: Lamesa, Tx. and Brownfield, Tx...  /key member: Judy Holcomb singer..  /recorded where: Caldwell studio, Lubbock, Tx...  /possible recording date: c.1980..  /album release date: c.1980..  /album name: Songs Of Gratitude And Praise..  /note: This singer probably recorded with studio band.

Hollyhawks, The:  /from: Lubbock, Tx...  /key members: Niki Sullivan - guitar/vocals, Gene Evans - musician/vocals..  / possible recording date: c.1962..  /single release date: c.1962..  /label: Jubilee..  /song titles: I Cry All The Time / When Came The Fall

Howard Roberts Trio:  /from: Amarillo, Tx...  /key member: Howard Roberts - drums/vocals..  /active: c.1968..  /played where: It’ll Do Club, North Fillmore Street, Amarillo, Tx.

Hoyle Nix & His West Texas Cowboys:  /from: Big Spring, Tx...  /key member: Hoyle Nix - fiddle..  /other members: Ben Nix - guitar/vocals, Larry Nix - bass, Wink Lewis, Tommy Harvel - guitar/steel guitar, Dusty Stewart - steel guitar..  /later members: Jody Nix - drums, Merle David - fiddle..  /recorded where: Big Spring, Tx...  /possible recording date:c.1958..  / single release date: c.1958..  /label: Caprock Records..  /song titles: Big Balls In Cowtown / Summit Ridge Drive / My Mary / Coming Down From Denver.

Huddle, Jack:  /from: Lubbock, Tx...  /key member: Jack Huddle - guitar/vocals..  /other members: George Atwood - upright bass..  /optional name: Huddle-Atwood Duo..  /recorded where: Clovis, N. M...  /possible recording date: c.1957..  /single release date: c.1958..  /labels: Petsey and Kapp..  /song titles: Believe Me / Starlight.

Huffman, Paul:  /from: Abilene, Tx. area..  /possible recording date: c.1955-60..  /single release date: c.1955-60..  /label: Winston..  /song titles: I See You In Everything / T-E-X-A-S.

Hysterical Society, The:  /from: Amarillo, Tx...  /members: Mark Hinton - guitar, Ken Hutchenson Warren - bass..  /other possible member: Woody Key - guitar..  /optional Name: Piper..  /recorded where: Clovis N. M. c.1960, New York City N. Y. c.1970..  /producers: Norman Petty and Eddie Reeves..  /some song titles: I Put A Spell On You / Summertime.

Hysterical Society Boys, The:  /from: Amarillo, Tx...  /key member: Eddie Reeves - guitar/vocals..  /other members: Bob Venable - guitar, Mike Hinton - drums..  /optional name: Nighthawks..  / recorded where: Clovis, N. M...  /possible recording date: c.1956-57..  /single release date: c.1962..  /label EBR..  /song titles: I Got Shot Out Of The Saddle / Funny Face..  /refer to ‘Combo Kings’ and ‘Nighthawks’ in this index.

Illusions, The:  /refer to ‘Kitchen Cinq’ in this index.

Hysterical Society Boys-1962 Bob Venable, Eddie Reeves, & Mike Hinton

Infants of Soul:  /from: El Paso, Tx...  /members: Doug Neal, Howard Wilcox, Jimmy Wagnon, Kenny Johnson, Randy Russ..  /active: 1966

Instigators, The:  /from: El Paso, Tx...  /members: Randy Russ - guitar, Skip Baca - guitar, Doug Neal - bass, Corky Lamb - drums..  /active: 1965

Invaders, The:  /from: Amarillo, Texas..  /key member: Jack Williams..  /other members: Billy Roach, Ray Williams, and Phil Hickman..  /active: c.1964 - 1965

Invaders-1964- Jack Williams, Billy Roach, Ray Williams, & Phil Hickman

IOTA:  /from: El Paso, Tx. Mark Evans - guitar/vocals, Steve Phipps - keyboard/vocals, Carl Neer - bass/vocals, Rick Ramaka - drums

Ivy Jives, The:  /from: West Texas and Eastern New Mexico..  /key members: Don Chaney - vocals and David Emmonds - vocals..  /other members: Jay Turnbow - guitar, Bill Jones - acoustic bass, Charles Gaddy - drums, Darlene Gaddy - keyboard..  /recorded where: Clovis, N. M...  /possible recording date: c.1958-60..  /single release date: c.1958-60..  /labels: I. J. Records and Jaro International..  /song titles: Lovers Land / Last Night..  /2nd release: Million Dollar Girl / Knockout. 

J. Gale and the Games:  /from: Big Spring, Tx...  /key member: J. Gale Kilgore - vocals/rhythm guitar..  /other members: Easy Ezell - lead guitar, Joe Johnson - bass, and Mickey Harshman - drums..  /labels: Eyeball records..  /song titles: Suds / A Million nothings / I Sure Do Miss You Tonight..  /note: They had a weekly television show on Midland’s KMID-TV.  

Jack Hanks Trio:  /from: West Texas..  ? possible recording date: c.1965-75..  /single release date: same..  /label: Sound Of Life..  /song titles: Shadow Walking / Draft Card..  /style of music: folk..  /note: The draft card song makes this one a collectible it appears.

Jackie Johnson & The Wheels:  /from: Plainview, Tx...  /key member: Jackie Johnson - vocalist..  /other members: Harry Bray - organ, Rod Adamson - drums, Billy Joe Mullin - bass..  /recorded where: Plainview, Tx...  / possible recording date: c.1971..  /single release date c. 1971..  /label: Satin..  /song titles: Yesterdays Misery / A Million Heartaches..  /note: This record is becoming somewhat collectable as one of a few original soul songs recorded in the Panhandle area.  

jackie johnson

Jackson, Jill:  /from: McCamey, Tx...  /key members: Jill Jackson - vocals and Ray Hildebrand - vocals..  /optional name: Paul And Paula..  /recorded where: Ft. Worth, Tx...  /possible recording date: c.1964..  /single release date: c.1964..  / labels: Le Cam and Phillips..  /song title: Hey Hey Paula..  /note: This song was first released on the Texas label (Le Cam) before it became a million seller for the Phillips label, Jackson and Hildebrand purportedly met while attending college in Brownwood, Tx,

J. A. Jays, The:  /from: Plainview, Tx...  /key member: Lonnie Brown - guitar/vocals..  /other members: Jim Ferguson - drums/vocals, Eddie Lewis - bass..  /active: c.1959-61..  /note: This teenage trio played Fats Domino and Bo Didley music as well.

Jake Miller & The Mustangs:  /from: Lubbock, Tx...  /key members: Jake Miller - drums, Billy Walker - guitar/vocals..  / active: c.1947..  /note: Billy Walker a native of the Lubbock, Tx area went on to become a star on the Bid D Jamboree and Grand Ol’ Opry..  /refer to ‘Walker, Billy’ in this index.

Jay Boy Adams Band:  /from: Lubbock, Tx...  /key member: Jay boy Adams - guitar/vocals..  /aka: John Adams..  /other members: Woody Keyes - guitar, Cal Freeman - steel guitar, Danny Raines - bass, Davis McLarty - drums, Lloyd Maines - steel guitar..  /active: c.1980..  /note: Adams was originally from Colorado City, Tx. He purportedly went on tour with ZZ Top as an opening act..  / refer to ‘Boot Hill’ and ‘just-Us-Four’ in this index.

Jay Boy Adams Band

Jerry Clement & The Jokers:  /from: Lubbock, Tx...  /key member: Jerry Clement- guitar/vocals..  /active: c.1956.

Jerry Rainwater & The Blue Rockets:  /from: Snyder, Tx...  /key member: Jerry Rainwater - guitar/ vocals..  /possible recording date: c.1960-70..  /single release date: same..  /label: Blue Diamond..  / song titles: Petite Fillete / Blue Mist.

jerry rainwater

Jess Williams & The Western Cavaliers:  /from: Amarillo, Tx...  /key member: Jess Williams - guitar/vocals..  /other members: Vic Ashmead - steel guitar..  /active: c.1960..  /note: Honest Jess Williams was also a member of the XIT boys with Billy Briggs in the early fifties. These groups played The Mayfair Club and The Rainbow Garden Night in Amarillo, Tx...  /refer to ‘Briggs, Billy & XIT Boys’, and ‘Sons Of The West’ in this index.

Jimmie Comer & His Musicales:  /from: Lubbock, Tx. area..  /key member: Jimmie Comer - musician/vocals..  /other Members: Jennie Foster - lead guitar, Mary Longanecker - piano..  /played where: KSEL Western Jamboree, Lubbock, Tx. c.1950

Jimmy Heap & The Melody Makers:  /from: Stamford, Tx...  /key member: Jimmy Heap - guitar..  /optional name: The Melody Makers..  /possible recording date: later 1950s..  /song title: Dessau Waltz..  / note: some of Heaps songs have been reissued on a CD titled, Texas Dance Hall Music, c.2007. Heap also had a top twenty country song in the late fifties, “There She Goes”.

Jimmy Johnson & His Melody Five:  /from: Lubbock, Tx...  /key member: Jimmy Johnson - musician..  /other members: Wayne Maines - guitar, Wally Moyers, Sr. - steel guitar, Wayne Hill - musician, Edna Lee House - vocals, Billie House - vocals..  active : c.1950s..  played where: KSEL Jamboree, Lubbock, Tx.

Jimmy Mackey And His Texas All Stars:  /from Brownfield, Tx...  /key member: Jimmy Mackey..  /possible recording date: c.1960-61..  /single release date: c.1961..  /label: June..  /song titles: Hello Mr. Moon / Ragtime Annie.

Jives, The:  /from: El Paso, Tx...  /members: Albert Miller, Barney Magana, Charlie Miller, Donnie Miller, Rudy Magna, Tony Gomez

Jody Nix And The Texas Cowboys:  /from: Big Spring, Tx...  /key member: Jody Nix - fiddle/vocals..  / other members: Robert Weeks - fiddle, Junior Knight - steel guitar, Larry Nix - bass, Dixie Hankins - drums

Johnson, Virgil:  /refer to ‘Velvets’ in this index.

Jon Sisco And The Electras:  /from: Amarillo, Tx...  /key member: Jon Sisco - lead guitar..  /other members: Bobby Hacker - drums, Eugene Brown - guitar/vocals..  /optional name: Jon Sisco Quartet..  /recorded where: Clovis, N. M...  /possible recording date: c.1960-65..  /label: Jamie..  /song titles: Conquest / Marianne / Theme of the Lonely / Border Beat / Sixteen And Swinging..  /note: Sisco once teamed with Donnie Lanier and Gary Swafford and they released as “The Ding Dong Daddies”. Sisco also produced a single for Charlie Phillips on the OAK label.

Jody Nix & The Texas Cowboys
The Electras

Jordan, Juanita:  /from: Plainview, Tx...  /key member: Juanita Jordan - vocals..  /other members: Norman Petty Trio..  /recorded where: Clovis, N. M...  /possible recording date: c.1958..  /single release date: c.1958..  /label: Nor-Va-Jak..  /song titles: Two Of A Kind / Some Sweet Day..  /2nd label: Laurie..  /song titles: Some Sweet Day / A Story Of My Life.

Just-Us-Four:  /from: Big Spring, Tx...  /members: Randy Compton - bass, Kyle McAlister - guitar, Danny Lane - drums, Greg Compton - lead guitar..  /later members: Jay Boy Adams - guitar, Don Densmore - keyboard..  /optional name: The Demensions..  /recorded where: Odessa, Tx...  /possible recording date: c.1965..  /single release date: c.1966..  /label E-M-C-O..  /song titles Take A Walk / Magic In Your Eyes..  /note: The first song has been reissued on a CD which features ‘Texas Garage Bands’. However it was erroneously attributed to a band from Coleman, Texas called “The Wry Catchers”..  /active: from 1967 until late 1967..  /refer to “Boot Hill” and “Jay Boy Adams Band” in this index

Keith, Bryan:  /refer to ‘McCormack, Keith’ in this index.

Just Us Four

Kenneth Trent & The Continentals:  /from: Amarillo, Tx...  /key member: Kenneth Trent -musician/vocals..  /possible recording date: c.1961..  /release date: C.1961..  /label: Veeda..  /song titles: The Way I Feel About You / I’m In Love.

Keymen, The:  /from: Borger, Tx...  /recorded where: Clovis, N. M...  /possible recording date: c.1964..  /release date: c.2007..  /label: Ace London..  /song titles: Boy Blue / Bulldog.

Killer Whales, The:  /from: Turkey, Tx...  /members: James Robinson - guitar/ vocals, Claud Robinson - guitar/fiddle, Billy Kane Robinson - lead guitar, Billy Joe Mullin - bass, David Hardin - drums..  /active: c.1983-85..  /note: played local on the week-ends.

Kinetic Energy:  /from: Amarillo, Tx...  /members: Randy Smith - lead guitar/vocals, Gary Smith - lead guitar/vocals, Mark Misfeldt - bass/vocals, Terryl Crofford - keyboard/vocals, Tony Hardin - drums..  /recorded where: KACV TV, FM Third Birthday Party Bash featuring Kinetic Energy..  /possible recording date: c.1978-79..  /song titles: In Memory Of Elizabeth Reed / Dreams I’ll Never See / Trudy..  /note: recording televised on Jackson Street Live. KACV channel 3 (PBS) local station in Amarillo, Tx.

Killer Whales 1984
Kinetic Energy-2

Kitchen Cinq, The:  /from: Amarillo, Tx...  /members: Mark Creamer - lead guitar, Johnny Stark - drums, Dale Gardner - vocals, Dallas Smith - bass, Jim Parker - guitar..  /optional name: The Illusions..  /recorded where: Amarillo, Tx;, Clovis, N. M., and Los Angeles, Ca...  /possible recording date: c.1963-68..  /release date: c.1963-68..  /labels: Dot, Decca, and LHI..  /song titles: Determination (LHI) / Still In Love With You Baby (LHI).

The Kitchen Cinq-2

Knights Bridge:  /from: Odessa, Tx...  /recorded where: Odessa, Tx...  possible recording date: c.1968..  /single release date: c.1968..  /label: SEA ELL..  /song title: Make Me Some Love.

Knight's Bridge

Knox, Buddy__/ from: Happy,Tx / Born: Buddy Wayne Knox c.1934, died c.1999 / Singer, guitarist & recording artist / optional name: Buddy Knox and the Rhythm Orchids / labels: Roulette, Ruff, etc / Songs: Party Doll, Hula Love, I think I'm gonna kill myself / awards: Received a Gold Record for 'Party Doll' , appeared on the Ed Sullivan Show, appeared in a movie with the Rhythm Orchids / Note: During the later fifties Knox's career paralled Buddy Holly's in hits and appearances, but he did not die young and become a legend (like Holly did). In his later years he devoted his time to playing 'Care Centers & Old Folks Homes' in Canada for free, before dying well-loved at age 65.

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